Top 5 Web-based Collaboration Tools for Small Businesses


Whether your project team members are in the next cabin or three time zones away, accessible web-based collaboration tools are upgrading small businesses to manage different teams. Sure, you can already be a master in using Google Docs, but what about managing project deadlines, task assignment and video conferencing? From online project management meetings, Here are five budget friendly web based solutions to improve the performance of your small business.

The problem: managing a diverse team of translators.

The solution: Redbooth.

From writer designers, freelancers increasingly fill important niches for small businesses on short and long-term projects. But managing a creative brainstorming session when half the team is scattered across the country and several time zones can be tricky. Redbooth makes it easier by creating virtual workspaces where team members can connect via HD video remotely to share ideas and make them crazy. Redbooth in Gmail and Outlook plugins plus full disk Google and DropBox integration make sharing (and saving) module ideas. For small businesses, pricing starts at $ 5 / month with a free 30-day trial offer.

Problem: Everyone gets the same meeting place.

The solution: ezTalks Meetings

When your Seattle customer, project manager is in Chicago and your office in Boston, getting all together for a quick face-to-face meeting does not make logistical sense. While I am a fan of free virtual conference services such as Google Hangouts and Skype, ezTalks Assembly offers useful extras that make for a purposeful, easy meeting. These include an intuitive layout with quick webcam links, a participation list, a chat box, and a presentation for free screen sharing on the desktop. This powerful hosting platform also doubles as an easy-to-use webinar service plus moderated Q & Chat.

The problem: Your project list has been out of control.

The solution: Producteev.

When you have 10 different draft task lists, tracking who has done (and what is the most important priority) can be a struggle. Put an end to your list blues assignments with Producteev, which has a real-time workspace that functions as a to-do list. Add collaborators, assign tasks, run status reports and run time management. Producteev is my personally favorite solution for tracking projects with large task lists and all keeping on the same page.

The problem: project task management emails have taken over your mailbox.

The solution: Asana.

Still trying to track project and e-mail tasks? Let’s be honest: figuring out what you need to do and finding the right information in an email can be impossible. Did Alex send this status update yesterday or this morning? Sarah Add a new task to the project list? With Asana, importance of team communication was phallic from the ground up. Conversations with project members are tracked in one place, so everything that is being discussed can turn into useful tasks. Even better, as asana is an easy to use iOS and Android app, you do not have to be nailed to the computer to update the state of the project.

The problem: You are deprived of the bigger picture because of all the details.

Your solution: 10,000Ft

Get the bigger picture for your small business, teams and projects with 10, 00 meters. I know who works on what in real-time, see when the team members in stock, and track the project budgets and the time spent. Place that is available to work on projects, plan a project for upcoming tasks, and see a weekly “forecast” to know what to expect. Collapse a schedule to see immediately who is available and who is overloaded (or who is on the road, in meetings or breaks). Best of all, 10,000Ft makes it easier to identify potential difficulties and shift priorities, prevent time and productivity loss.

Bottom Line:

Web based tools for small businesses can make it easier to work together on projects regardless of the time zone or location. And this is not just a workplace collaboration that will be beneficial; These tools also help to improve the productivity of work from home, especially with more team members (or even even) telecommuting to work. I’m addicted to applications like ezTalks that help me keep track of my time dedicated to each project.