Top 5 designer handbag brands


Our love for handbags seems to meet no end. It mounts with each trend amendment the fashion industry experiences and speaking of designer handbags, the love seems to extend beyond the horizon. A designer handbag could be a clutch or an over-the-shoulder bag that just brings out the exact amount of sumptuousness in your appearance.

The2 best things about designer handbags are the tailored stitch and categorically enriched experience of the designer. Well, known brands are popular for their expertise in designing ladies handbags with panache and class.  To ease up matters a bit, we present to you a list of the top five brands that make up the whole in vogue designer handbags circuit.Image result for Top 5 designer handbag brands

  1. Louis Vuitton

Bags from LV are every woman’s dream. One wouldn’t be wrong if they confess that some women would have at some point in time in their lives planned to save up for that one designer bag from Louis Vuitton. Specifically handcrafted and custom-built bags from Louis Vuitton speak of unmatched style and professional quality. If you plan to invest in an LV bag, make sure to authenticate your purchase by looking for the placement of the LV monograms.

  1. Balenciaga

This French brand makes splurging on handbags a much looked forward to activity. A seemingly high-end fashion handbag brand has the most classic assortment. The much popular front flap makes it the most distinguished in its most sort-after compilation. This also attaches to their handbags an exclusive trait of agelessness. Pop colors and hues of gray make up their timeline of limited edition classy bags.

  1. Hermes

Hermes, with their specially curated designers, makes it a point to make every product that it sells out speaks volumes of the expertly supervised factory conditions it faces. Not going too over the top as against brands which experiment with the physical framework, Hermes sticks to the conventional frames we have all seen and had. Simple plain colors and embellished fronts are Hermes’ characteristic attribute which makes it super-chic to carry after work parties or even beach parties.

  1. Chanel

Their most assorted luxury shouting bags are an investment you should make. Their bespoke designs and clean and seamless stitches make Chanel bags stand out of the queue. This one brand promises extreme experiments when it comes to designing bags for the next generation. Again, pop colors and pastel shades are pretty popular from this brand too. You can find anything from a satchel to a walletto a clutch under brand Chanel.

  1. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, as we all know it, is known for its seasoned embossed code on its zippers. Not going too graphic with their collection, Marc Jacobs designs bags mostly in solid colors. Their range of bags is lavish with a touch of Marc Jacobs in each bag they produce.

We, as the modern Indian women, must then seek to bring luxury into our homes and save up independently for these handbags. These brands also make bags for men such as wallet, backpacks and more. Good luck ladies!