Top 4 Reasons to Use Electronic Voucher Systems


If you are using a prepaid mobile phone, then you have surely experienced recharging your account using a scratch card. The main advantage of this recharging method is that you can purchase several scratch cards in advance and store them until needed. You can also purchase different credit denominations for your mobile phone.

However, recharging with the help of scratch cards can often be inconvenient because you have to enter a lengthy series of numbers into the phone. You need to be careful not to enter the wrong codes because you will then have to start again. There is also a time limit for entering the numbers. This could be stressful if you are in a crowded place or in a hurry. Afterwards, you must confirm your balance by calling a free number and following the electronic voice prompt.

Scratch cards have their advantages in terms of value storage and specific use, but if you want a faster and more convenient system, you should also try using the electronic voucher distribution system for mobile phones. This system can also be used in other transactions, such as paying utility bills.

Here are four great reasons to use electronic vouchers through your prepaid mobile account:

1. You do not need to carry cash or pieces of paper around

The most obvious advantage of using electronic vouchers is that they offer a cashless and paperless solution. You do not need to keep money with you, nor do you not to stuff printed paper vouchers or receipts in your wallet or pocket. Traditional paper vouchers can easily be lost or torn; what’s more, you end up physically accumulating these paper vouchers, cluttering up your wallet and creating unnecessary waste.

2. You can pay bills using electronic vouchers

You can do many things using your mobile phone, whether it is postpaid or prepaid:

  • Use the internet for emails
  • Research a wide range of information, from the common to the most esoteric
  • Do online shopping via various platforms
  • Use social media for personal and business purposes

More importantly, you can also use your phone to pay utility bills and commercial transactions. For example, electronic vouchers can be used to buy groceries or pay for a meal at a restaurant.

Your prepaid account can be recharged every time you purchase regular credits or each time you pay for items from stores. You can then use the electronic vouchers to get discounts for certain items from retail establishments.

The value of the vouchers depends on the participating stores and the products they are selling. Vouchers, whether electronic or printed, are used as marketing tools to attract more customers and encourage customer loyalty.

3. You can be sure to enjoy fast and secure transactions

Electronic vouchers require portable point-of-sale (POS) terminals and a centralized server. The POS terminals read the data and dispense reports like printed receipts while the centralized server processes the data in comparison to the database.

For instance, if you pay for groceries using your smartphone, you will typically be asked to scan the QR code then enter your PIN to pay the amount. Your phone serves as an interface for the POS terminal at the counter.

The payment is channeled from your phone to the POS terminal with the corresponding OR code. Your mobile account will then be debited the exact amount of the items you bought.

If you have electronic vouchers, the discounts will be included in the computation. The transaction is encrypted and it happens in matter a of microseconds, depending on the network connection speed.

4. You can transact with portability and convenience

Another main advantage of using electronic vouchers in your mobile phone is the portability of access. You can use your phone on POS devices in areas with GSM-GPRS, CDMA or VPN network connectivity.

High-speed regular internet is not necessary; as long as your phone has a signal, you can use your electronic voucher. Some public transportation vehicles like taxis have QR codes that can be scanned. You can pay the exact fare amount using your mobile phone.

The bottom line

You can connect your mobile phone payment app and electronic voucher with your bank account, debit card or credit card to centralize your payment method. Most mobile phone companies offer the electronic voucher payment option, but you still need to be at a POS terminal to do the transaction.

Electronic vouchers are just among the many electronic solutions that can be accessed using your mobile phone. It’s best to take advantage of the convenience and security that this system offers.


Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.