Simple tools to turn gardening into a pure fun


Searching for the suitable tools often comes forth as a number one question for all the novice gardeners. Eventually, without a proper instrument, one can’t do much other than water vegetables or pick up fruits. However, even that type of activity requires some special garden equipment to be done fast and efficiently, not to mention the more complex works like digging, weeding, soil softening, etc. To add more, doing household or working around the farm is a labor-intensive process, which at times may involve 3 to 5 people in doing the same sort of job. And selecting the right instrument usually turns to be a matter of saving one’s time and energy, same as health care and a proper work arrangement.

Broadfork – you’ll never want to get back to a garden shovel

In what refers to aerating and loosening soil, there’s no better device than a broadfork. This specially designed tool can reach and pull out the roots of practically any length without damaging the plants and do the weeding just like no other appliance can do.

As to using the device, there’s no any specially developed technique or methods to know about. To learn some working specifics one can just visit the website and find out everything he/she wants to know. The products of this type usually come with a durable metal frame that you can easily stand on and use your own weight to dig deeper into the soil. The two handles allow the fork to be used as a pinch-bar and thus, operate it with no rush or some enormous efforts applied. In addition, the adjustable tines make it possible to set the intervals between the plates and work with maximum comfort.

One should say a broadfork is an instrument that not just benefits to your overall productivity but shows care of your health as well. In contrast to shovel, it reduces the load on your back and keeps you fit for work for a longer time thus, bringing less pain, less fatigue and less carelessness.

Nut picker – you’ll be amazed at how fun the nut gathering can be

Supposedly, gathering nuts had always been an issue for you whenever autumn showed out with tons of falling leaves and heaps of acorns and chestnuts lying on your lawn. We are glad to inform, things like that won’t ever bother you again. Our pecan pick up tool review is just added to shed light on one of the most brilliant inventions of the recent times.

A wisely constructed device called a nut picker was primarily introduced to become a gardener’s reliable helper in the matters of nut picking. Its rolling cage made of metal wires is designed to grab objects in the grass and ‘imprison’ them inside it. Whenever a nut/apple gets in their way the multiple wires open out and spring back again to lock the intruder inside. The back and forth rolling motion allows for grabbing as many of those as you find. In combination with an easy extraction, it creates a device that will save lots of your time and efforts in a long-term use.