Why you should have an SEO strategy in place for your website


Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is quite the buzzword in online marketing circles. SEO has been proven to have a significant effect on inbound web traffic and overall engagement with site visitors. However, since SEO is a fairly technical system that might not be easily understood by people who are not web developers, many people are sceptical about the efficacy of SEO. If you are one of those who are on the fence about whether SEO is worth your time and money, read on. In this article, we discuss some of the top benefits of search engine optimisation.

Cost effective

SEO, whether implemented by yourself or by a professional SEO marketing company, can deliver results that are extremely cost effective. When you consider the alternative methods for increasing online visibility, such as advertising, SEO is easily the best option. Unlike advertising, SEO maintains your visibility even after you stop paying for it. Costs related to SEO, if any, are not recurring expenses like you have with advertising. And even the most basic implementation of SEO will get you listed on search engine indices for the unbeatable price of FREE. Can’t beat that.

Increased web traffic

Because SEO improves your visibility to people who are already interested, you can definitely expect improved web traffic with it. Online advertising might enhance your visibility to a greater extent but it does not provide you with any guarantees about if that visibility actually induces a web user to click on it and arrive on your website. An SEO strategy will also come with several analytical tools that will help you further refine your implementation.

Increases credibility

Because SEO is not like traditional marketing which can often take an evangelical or solicitous bent, your credibility gets a big boost. People who arrive to your website via an internet search are much more likely to rate you highly than those who arrive via clicking on an advertisement. An additional fact: almost half of the people who click on online advertisements report that they did so by mistake and not on purpose. Are such people likely to stay on your website once they get there? Take a guess.

Convert competition into a strength

A neat trick related to SEO is actually one of its biggest USPs. It is a recommended strategy when optimising your website to put the names of competing brands and companies as keywords. What this does is that it brings you to the notice of people who are actually searching for your competitors products and services. This allows you to capitalise on the outreach of your competitors. In other words, they sow and you reap.

You gain valuable insight into customer behaviour

Because SEO is related to how people search for things on the internet, having an SEO strategy in place allows you to directly see where trends are headed and what people are really interested in. it is not uncommon to gain actual business insight from keywords recommended by SEO strategy.

So, you see that SEO is so much more than a traditional marketing tool. It has very tangible benefits in increasing outreach and visibility as well as a source of valuable customer data. If you do not already have an SEO strategy in place, we recommend you get one immediately.