The Role Of Refrigeration In Our Global Economy


When you go to your refrigerator at home, we take for granted the fact that we can keep many of our consumables cool. We typically have not only a refrigerator, but a freezer, and also an air conditioner, comforts that we simply expect to use on a daily basis. There are many regions of the world that do not have these luxuries. However, in the more industrialized sectors of our planet, refrigeration and the use of refrigerants is a main part of society. It plays a large role in our global economy, something that is continuing to grow in regard to size and importance. Here is an overview of the role of refrigeration in our global economy.

Why Refrigeration Is Important In Our World Today

Refrigeration plays a key role in the ability of our global economy to do many types of commerce. It is so important, it is estimated that the production of refrigeration units, heat pump systems, and air conditioning units, has topped 300 billion annually. There are billions of these devices, all of which are using electricity to power them. It is because of the expansion of our population, especially in the industrialized world, that we have seen such rampant changes. Therefore, it should be obvious that the use of refrigerants is also on the rise. Even in the 1970s, we realize that this trend was increasing at an alarming rate. It was recognizing this trend that allowed scientists to determine that refrigerants were causing a significant problem. The primary refrigerant that was used was Freon, a chlorofluorocarbon that was doing untold damage to the ozone layer which protects us from harmful UV light. In this sense, understanding the trends associated with the refrigeration industry provides us with some insight on where we are going. We were able to make substantial changes, creating new and improved refrigerants that do not affect ozone, but we have also helped, as a byproduct, curb the trend of global warming.

How Refrigeration Affects Global Warming

When people talk about global warming, they often think that this is primarily an environmental issue. However, it has a lot to do with our global economy. Every year, more catastrophic weather related incidents occur. These are related to hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and forest fires which are directly connected to the state of our climate. The reason that this applies to the refrigeration industry is because of the sheer volume of refrigeration units that are used by people today. To run them, we need to use electricity, and in the production of electricity, CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere at alarming rates. By creating these new and improved refrigerants, we have also curbed the trend of global warming, making it a little bit less threatening. However, we still need to make substantial changes in the way that we affect the environment, and this is a good first step toward potentially resolving this global issue.

Why Refrigeration And The Global Economy Are Intertwined

Looking at how the refrigeration industry has affected global warming, and by also considering how quickly the population is increasing, it is clear that this industry will continue to increase at a rapid pace. The faster that this trend grows, the more devastating it could ultimately be for not just our climate, but for our economy. As mentioned before, electricity is what powers these refrigeration units. If we can make refrigeration units that are more energy efficient, along with the energy efficient refrigerants, we can begin to lessen CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. By doing so, natural catastrophes will theoretically begin to go down in numbers, and this can help the economy. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on recovering from these natural disasters. There are also many lives lost. By reducing the number of global catastrophes, many of which are a byproduct of the refrigeration industry, we can help the global economy improved. Additionally, by creating more new and improved refrigeration units, this will increase sales. When people realize that they can purchase these new units which will save them a substantial amount on their operating costs, they will be more than happy to invest.

How Each Of Us Can Do Our Part

Although this is a global phenomena, it begins with each and every person. From the individual, to the company that has hundreds of refrigeration units, we can begin to make an impact, in a positive way, in our world. We can avoid the ever-increasing problems associated with global warming, and also reduce adverse effects on the ozone layer, by simply changing out the Freon that we have with a refrigerant that is more efficient. Whether you have a refrigerator and AC unit, or if you are responsible for thousands of these in your corporation, these changes will contribute to helping improve our global economy. As a side note, people should know that by the year 2020, Freon needs to be eliminated from all of these devices. Once they are removed, we can begin to see the effects of these changes by using these more energy efficient cooling systems. It is something that must be done, but it is also something that people must want to do. We need to do everything that we can to protect our environment. By doing so, we are also improving our global economy in the many ways that were just presented.

These are just a few of the many reasons that the refrigeration industry has a direct influence on the global economy. Whether you look at this from the standpoint of reducing global catastrophes, or improving the energy consumption of these refrigeration units, you can see that it is all connected. It is due to the sheer size of this industry that it has such a massive impact on our world from an economic perspective. By producing more energy efficient refrigeration units, we can improve the economy through additional sales, and also save money by avoiding the many global catastrophes that have become so expensive.