Riding Limousines?  Top 5 Etiquette Rules You Should Know



Is there anything you can’t love about riding limos? I highly doubt it since everyone loves limo rides. They always make special occasions memorable.

Whether it’s your prom night, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a wedding, birthday, graduation, corporate event, or a night out in town, a great limousine Montreal service is always a blast.

Although the ultimate point of riding around in a limo is to have fun and make a statement, there are some etiquette rules that every passenger should know.

You have to respect the chauffeur and the limo service as well. But what exactly does this respect entail?  We have put together some of the limousine etiquette tips that you should know.

Treat the Limousine Better Than Your Car


We can’t deny the fact that it is quite easy to be excited and get carried away                                   while riding in a limousine. However, one of the most critical limo etiquette rules that you need to know is that you should treat the limousine better than your own car.

Make sure that you don’t damage anything within the vehicle and if you are having any issues, be sure to ask the chauffeur for assistance. Keep in mind that the company will rent the limo out to other people after your trip to keep the business going. Never take anything out of the limo that doesn’t belong to you.

Don’t Get Rowdy


You need to enjoy your ride and make it a memorable experience. There is no doubt about that.  But, you need to keep in mind that there are limits to what you can and can’t do while in the limo.

Don’t do anything that endangers your own safety and the safety of other people on board.  If you are holding a party in a party bus and alcohol is involved, make sure that you refrain from excessive drunkenness and rowdiness.

Guest Count


It is also good to know how the exact number of people that will be riding in the limo that you have booked and inform the limousine Montreal Company in advance. If the number increases for any reason, make sure that you notify the company of the changes so that you can change the vehicle if need be.

The company will assess your needs and determine which car will be the most comfortable and safe for you.

Tip Your Chauffeur


You need to remember the fact that the driver took you onan exciting ride for whatever event you had planned and he/she deserves a tip. The recommended tip for the chauffeur is anything between 15% and 20% of the rental price.  

If you choose not to tip, let the company know why you didn’t tip since you are expected to tip for bad service. Otherwise, always make sure that you tip that lady or gentleman who was at the wheel the entire time.

Know How to Get In and Out


This may sound silly but to be honest, this is something that can embarrass you when you least expected it. As a good rule of the thumb, allow the chauffeur to open the door for you, enter into the car and sit in any empty seat that you see.

Swing your legs in for a smooth entry and once you are seated, adjust yourself until you find the perfect sitting position.