Refrigerator Repairs


You never realise how much you rely on something until it breaks.  There are many appliances within the home that you depend on daily, and even when you go abroad, you still expect the essential ones to work no matter what.  Specifically, I’m talking about refrigerators.  From storing cool items such as milk and meats, you don’t expect it to stop working suddenly and if you did, what would you do? Who would you turn to? Does the idea sound daunting? Have you also thought about the cost on top of all that? Below you’ll find easy tips to perform should you wish to carry out the work yourself.

Always remember, when trying to fix any appliance, to turn it off before working on it.  Don’t go messing with the electricity side of things for such a big piece of equipment, ask family or a friend to help should you need to move the refrigerator away from the wall too.

One problem you may have is your refrigerator suddenly becomes too noisy.  This noise may appear from a motor, typically a fan based one which is usually located under the appliance or it comes from what’s called the compressor which can also found under the refrigerator.  To troubleshoot this problem, grab a screwdriver and unscrew the back part of the condenser and listen.  If this is the cause of the noise then, unfortunately, you may need to invest in a new refrigerator.  If you find the fan motor is the issue you can easily buy the repairs from your local kitchen appliance trader.

You may find that when you go to your refrigerator, a huge puddle of water has pooled around the bottom of it and you frantically try to reach a hand or bath towel to prevent any further disasters.  If you discover water external to the refrigerator, then the water supply line needs checking initially.  There may be a leak near the inlet valve and if there is all you need to do is to tighten the nuts further.  If you look and you see water is coming out of the copper or plastic tubes, then these would need replacing.  Before switching it back on it is recommended to flush the excess water out by tilting the refrigerator.

Are you finding that for some reason your refrigerator won’t keep your food fresh and cool? Like ice cream or yoghurts for example? Refrigerators come with a thermostat, so this would be for the first place to check.  If it’s been turned down to a low temperature, this would explain your problem.  Sometimes if you overfill your refrigerator with too much food, this can block access to the vents, causing cooling problems too.  Ensure you keep the vents free to prevent any issues in the future.

Most repairs can be fixed without the assistance of a professional, by following the above tips you should be able to drive the costs down to a level to which you feel comfortable spending.