How Not Holding Back on Pearls Open Doors to Opportunities?


Today, millennial buy things after researching on where it came from? How will they use it? Why they wish to buy it? Jewel sector is also viewed in the same way. Pearls are 100% organic and only gem that cultivates in a living being. Other gemstones are mined from the ground and are non-renewable. Cultured pearls get cultivated in farms and are renewable.

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For a new jewellery design for millennial, pearls offer a great opportunity. It is something unique and different that can spark customer’s imagination. Until now, jewellery sector has been putting all their eggs in a single basket – diamonds. Ignoring pearls potential is a lost opportunity.

Why are jewelers holding back on pearls?

Jewelers just lack knowledge in this category. So, it has become necessary for a training course designed specially to give knowledge about cultured pearl. Pearls are misunderstood, therefore with gained knowledge influencers, designers, and jewelers will help customers understand that saltwater and freshwater cultured pearls are similar to wild pearls. There is lack of education and so public and sales people hardly have passion for pearls.

Possibility to make pearls wearable daily

Jewelry sector is very slow in adapting ancient pearl designs and transform it to more casual lifestyle taste. For example, the diamond sector has found ways to make diamond a fraction of living. They focused on several key styles that ladies can wear when visiting a gym or office or wearing jeans.

Pearl sector is still confused but now there are few pearl designers moving forward. Creative and bold pearl jewellery designers are blending pearls with variety of metals, gemstones, beads, and even textures [leather or suede]. Pearls are available in different colors and shapes, so the designers are getting inspired to explore, contrast, intermix, and blend pearls to fashion entirely new expression.

A traditional jeweler explored more casual styles, so as to complement traditional pearl interpretation, it always offered. Offering casual interpretation like combining pearls with tassel or turquoise or textured ropes has created enthusiasm among customers.

Treating pearl as a basic category means missing opportunities!