The Kone Pure Mouse for the Fast Gamers



The Kone Pure mouse makes gaming experience fantastic. Its features and design all are meant for a fast player. It also has a color lighting system that adds value to gaming and makes gamers feel comfortable as you choose from one color to the other.

It has all color lighting system of up to 16.8. One can, therefore, choose from one to the other based on their preference. Seven buttons come with a solid 2D wheel to enhance the command option.  The touch is soft increasing gaming comfort.

It has secure functionality technology.   Two functions can be set at the same time for every mouse button that is used to scroll the wheel hence the possibility of packing massive quick – accessible control in the uncluttered space.

User Software

The software that comes with this mouse easy the way users adjust and fine-tune different settings and different feedback sounds so that they came to play the way they feel.

The weight of this hardware is another essential feature. It is smooth to control and move on the mat, and the buttons glide adding luxury to the game.   It is an advancement of Kone (+). It makes gaming very smooth without any irritation.

The mice’s sensor is adjustable.  The range of setting is good enough, 200 t 8200. Omron powers it utilizes shift button duplicator and Easy-Aim +easy- wheel functions, it has 32 Bit turbo core. The flight of pick –up eases the gaming experience.

The technology of Easy-shift (+) that allows one to navigate around for better performance

The performance of this Kone pure gaming mouse saves the computer CPU as it does not give it a hard time to perform all the functionalities.

Another essential feature of kone cone mouse is the ergonomic shape.  The right-hand shape of one is suitable for palm or claw. The top covered with the rubber offers maximized grip plus the soft sides that make sure the figures are not bruised during the gaming experience.

The availability of the mouse varies.  Sometimes they may find when they are out of stock if not pre-order in time.

The model is suitable for fast gamers.  People with low gaming experience may be disappointed using this mouse.

The weight may be a, especially for the children as it is a bit heavier than the other mice in the market. Some customers complain about its size, this is bigger than their hands and they highlight this as a challenge though many dimensions in the market can suit their gaming expedition.

Though some clients claim that the one pure gaming mouse came with the old packet, the software can be freely downloaded from their sites or any other site that offers software for the same.

Its USB cable is long enough. One can operate the mouse even from a safe distance from the monitor. They can sit back and relax as they chat with a friend during the gaming experience.


The Kone Pure mouse has proved to be the king of modern gaming, especially for fast gamers.  The design and functionality are worth considering. It also has different color contrasts, one can choose from one that irritates to the best color of choice.

The software is compatible with many devices though they can be updated from the master website in case of compatibility issues.

The large size and shape render gaming easy for those people with bigger palms.  This feature sets it to form the crowd as many mice are meant for the small female palms.

The rubber band around the kone pure mice makes the grip soft, and at the same time, the hand cannot slip off during the gaming time. The extended USB cable causes the user comfortable as they are free to game from a distance.  The mice are available in many online malls through the supply tend to be lower than the demand. Make sure to click here for a thorough review on one of the best gaming mice available in the market.