Impairment is just a matter of outlook


History is filled with examples of differently abled people who have reached the pinnacle of human potential. Dr. Stephen Hawking, Christopher Reeve, Helen Keller are a testament to the fact that where there is a drive to excel, even mountains can crumble! In developed countries, almost 50% of the differently abled people are employed and working. This statistic is on the rise even in developing economies that shows that physical impairment is just an outlook for an individual. As per the United Nations Department of economic and social affairs, of the approx. 370 million differently abled people throughout the world 280 million people are working right now.

Special car for the special customer:

Mobility has always been the major challenge for differently abled people. The automobile industry is constantly striving to come up with new cost-effective solutions that are compatible with the existing model of cars in the market. It’s evident with such a large workforce globally; they would need a convenient and pocket-friendly means of transport. Reputed names such as Ford Motors, Chrysler and many more have partnered with seasoned auto parts manufacturer to provide wheelchair accessible SUV so that differently abled people are not bereaved of the pleasure of driving their way around. These customized vehicles come with typical accessories such as wheelchair lifts, 360 degrees turning seat, transfer seat bases and docking stations are some honorable mentions. Together with driver rehabilitation representative, the mobile specialist will provide you customized driving solutions. All these accessories are fully automatic and can be activated at the touch of a button.

How to keep your SUV in top shape in winter:

Special seasons call for special preparations. Snow tires, wiper blades, a well-lubricated wheelchair ramp, and battery check, are some of the must do in your bucket list when preparing your SUV for the frigid winters.