The impact of internet on addiction of gambling


There are two modes of gambling, land based and online. People get the choice to gamble by visiting places like casinos to bet or bet on sports, poker etc. online. With time if the habit becomes a necessity that one cannot live without, it becomes an addiction. There are people who have online gambling addiction. A question can arise about the impact of internet behind the increase of addiction for gambling.

Study of internet’s role in addiction

Internet has become a valuable part of our lives in the past few years. It has also brought about a big change in the gambling world. Today we can say that online gambling has become the fastest mode of gambling. As it is easy to use and available at any location, internet has played a major role in changing the gambling behavior and helping in gambling addiction. However we can see many scenarios of the impact of online as well as offline modes of gambling on the problem.

  • As per evidences collected over the years, one can say that people with gambling problems use both online as well as offline modes of gambling. So we can clearly say that internet is not creating gambling problems but it helping them to increase their addiction.
  • A research carried out in recent time has shown that those gamblers who are very much involved in the gambling are more likely use internet. Highly involved gamblers are at the highest level of risk to get addiction.
  • Many studies have shown people who have gambling problems prefer land-based gambling over online one. They move to online gambling for availability and accessibility.
  • There are a section of people with online gambling problems. They enter online gambling world for fun, out of boredom and to earn fast money. However with time they get addicted from severe gambling problems.

Addiction is caused due to a person’s inability to control emotions. You can blame a platform but it is true some platforms like internet have an impact on these problems.