How to Batch Reduce the Size of Your Videos with Movavi Video Converter


If you are keeping videos on your computer, you will find that they quickly take up all the available spaces on your hard disk. Raw videos usually have a large file size so you will need to compress it to reduce the size. To compress the video is to convert the video into a compressed video format. For example, AVI videos can be compressed into smaller size by converting them into a compressed video format like MP4. Movavi Video Converter is equipped with a powerful video conversion technology that can convert video into various compressed formats in lossless quality.

Movavi Video converter offers a completely new interface that is easier to use for beginners. You can click on the watch folder to button to load the entire video folder of video files into the software. It won’t hang even if you import a long list of video files. When the video files have loaded, you can check to see if they are the correct videos. If you are not sure whether it is the correct video, you can press the play button to preview it.

If you want to cut the videos to reduce the size, you can click the edit button and launch the video editor. You can click the scissor button to cut away the unwanted parts and reduce the video length. You can make adjustment to the video for example volume  level by using the video editor. Noises can be eliminated with the video editor. Videos shot in poor lighting can also be rectified in the video editor. Get more details here.

Movavi Video Converter lets you know the size and quality of the output video after you have selected the output format. It will instantly show the output size of the video when you select a video format in the horizontal scroll list below. You will be able to compare the size of the original video format with the size of the output video. The video format you select applies to all the video files and they will all be converted into the same video format.

You must remember to choose the destination folder before you proceed to click the convert button. The software is available in many different languages. If you plug in your mobile device into the computer, it will give you suggestion on a list of presets that is compatible with the software. More than 25 mobile presets are being supported in Movavi Video Converter. It supports a number of codecs including H.265 and AC3.

Movavi Video Converter not only can be used to batch reduce the size of large video files into small video files but it also can batch reduce the size of other types of files such as mobile, audio and images. If you reduce the files to upload it online, you can make use of the upload feature to conveniently upload them to the online services. You can upload it to your own web hosting server via FTP. You can also upload the video files to online services including YouTube and Facebook.