Host your WordPress Website from Just $0.99 / Month


“If something is too good to be true, it probably is.” I assure you, it is possible to host your WordPress blog on a third-party host only $ 0.99 / month.

You might ask, “Why pay when there is” In fact, offers an attractive option for a blog / website startup, but does not allow for much choice.

Shared hosting plans typically start at $3 to $4 a month, but the restrictions are often enforced that can hamper the growth of your blog. WordPress managed hosting plans offer less restrictions, but are often more expensive. There are also free hosting options available but honestly, unless your site is available, you really do not want to go with them. Another option, which will be available today, is using a Virtual Private Server or VPS.

Today, let’s explore what is the unmanaged type, where you have to do everything yourself, But it’s very, very cheap. You may also be cheaper than shared hosting plans, but still offer much more, as you are free of many of the restrictions of a shared webhosting plan, and you will have your own IP address!

Get a domain name

The first hurdle you need to clean though is the acquisition of a domain name from online domain name service. Now, you have two options: around this dish off a few dollars more for your own domain name, such as .com, .net or .org, or opt for a free domain.

If you are looking to build a web presence and buying your domain name is a profitable investment. You have full control over it, and the search engines are generally more in love with these domain names. I recommend Regnames, which is the cheapest I’ve known so far, and does not resort to confusing pricing tactics like some other registrar. Click here to reach it.

Otherwise, you can sign up for a free domain name. Here, in fact, not the owner of the domain itself, but at least has a certain degree of control over it, which is sufficient for our needs. You are limited to extensions less known as .cf and TK though.