Hansen Injury Law Firm – A Guide for Your Personal Injury Case


If you have recently met an accident and want to lodge a personal injury lawsuit, the best way to win your case is to hire a personal injury lawyer of repute. The first thought that comes to mind in such circumstances is how much your case is worth. The worth of a case is subject to damages caused in the event of an accident. It is important to find out how much the injuries have caused damages to you financially, physically and mentally. Personal injury cases are filed to seek compensation for the victim’s injury and in some cases, to figure out if the defendant should be punished.

In a personal injury case, there are two parties – plaintiff or the injured person and the defendant or his/her insurer. If the case is won in favour of the plaintiff, the victim gets monetary compensation for the damages caused due to accident. Whether the casualties happened due to the defendant’s negligence or not, he is held responsible for the accident. The monetary compensation is agreed upon mutual settlement between the two parties represented by their respective attorneys. Alternatively, the amount of compensation can be decided by the jury after a court trial.

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There are different types of common compensatory damages in personal injury cases. Take a look at them.

Compensatory Damages

Most of the personal injury damages come under the heading of ‘compensatory’. It implies that such award program is meant to compensate the applicant (plaintiff) for the loss due to an injury or accident. In essence, there is an effort to translate every consequence in the event of an accident in terms of a dollar figure. Some compensatory damages like medical bills or property damage reimbursement can be easily expressed in dollar figure. However, when it comes to mental suffering or physical pain, it is hard to quantify compensatory damages. Here are the most common types of compensatory damages in personal injury cases.

Income: You will be eligible for compensatory award for the adverse impact on your income after the accident.  The award not only replaces the lost wages but also future income that you could have earned, were it not for the catastrophe. In personal injury cases, damage award for possible loss of future income is categorized as compensation for the plaintiff’s “loss of ability to earn”.

Medical Bill: Compensatory damages always include medical expenses. The award replaces the cost of treatment till date after the accident and estimated cost of further treatment.

Property Damage: If it is found that any vehicle or physical property was damaged due to the accident, you are more likely to receive compensation for repairs or financial award according to the current market price of the lost property.

Pain & Emotional Suffering: It is very common for the accident victims to suffer pain and other physical discomfort in immediate aftermath of the tragedy. Emotional suffering is another aspect that cannot be ignored. Fear, anxiety, frustration, insomnia etc are some common syndromes that the victims suffer temporarily or for a longer period. Such emotional ‘pain and suffering’ makes you entitled for compensatory damages in some states.