Designer Brands: Why Are We So Obsessed?


We all drool over a Gucci handbag or a Rado watch or a G Star Raw jacket. Don’t we? The major reason is their big brand names. Affording such high-end brands is not everybody’s cup of tea, but then why some of us are so much obsessed with certain designer brands. Is it simply because we want to flaunt away these designer wears in front of our friends and colleagues, or there are some more reasons to it. Well, the answer could be different for different people. If you too are keen to know about it, simply scroll down to find out the same. Below is a list of few reasons to go designer.

  1. Quality

This is the foremost and the most important answer to the question. Designer clothes are usually made from finer fabrics and have superior stitching when compared to the non designer wear. For example, a pair of Armani jeans would definitely serve you better than a road side pick.

  1. Long lasting

This is simply an extension of the first point. Due to fine quality and stitch, designer apparels generally stay with us for a longer period of time, and many of us don’t think twice in paying a whooping price for this factor.

  1. Self identity

Very often it is said, “What you wear represents what you are”. Some of us associate better with a certain brand, so much so that we assume it to be our identity. For example, Club Monaco is mostly worn by young stylish professionals.

  1. Social status

This is also a very important point and factor due to which we go for designer labels. Not everybody can afford it, which makes them unique and also wanted and desired by most of us. When you are carrying a Prada bag, people look up to you as a wealthy person from elite class, and who doesn’t want that?

  1. Rarity

As mentioned earlier, uniqueness is what makes us shed so many dollars for a certain designer label. You will simply not find anybody around you wearing a Rado watch that often, which in turn will give you a sense of superiority and pride.

  1. Celeb factor

It sounds silly to buy a Furla bag just because Kareena Kapoor Khan carries it. But then, having one will make you feel no less than her. Celebrities are like living bulletin boards for the designers, and we love copying their style.

Now, if you are tempted and are ready to shed some money in these designer apparels, you could easily do so. There are so many online luxury shopping stores that stock some of the famous luxury apparels and accessories. The variety available with them is absolutely mind blowing and will leave you spell bound. Whether it is Gucci, Rado, Hogo Boss, g star, Armani jeans, Guess etc, you could get it all easily on the luxury stores. Some of the famous online luxury shopping stores are Tata CLiQ Luxury, Elitify, Darvey’s etc to name just a few.