Crowdfunding for Animal Rights


If you live in India, then you’ve surely noticed the stray animals especially dogs, roaming the streets helplessly, perhaps in search of food or water. Today, animals in India are the biggest victims of exploitation, be it chickens that are shoved into cramped cages in slaughterhouses, or dogs that are mistreated for entertainment. The helpless and voiceless strays face a lot of problems, some inflicted by human beings, some not, but most are within our ability to solve. Aside from being homeless, their daily problems include scavenging for food, and even being mistreated by humans.

Despite financial limitations and lack of Government support, there are a handful of animal lovers and welfare NGOs that are dedicated to fighting for animal rights. The good work of animal activists and enthusiasts is not enough to look after the entire stray population. We all need to actively participate in overcoming certain problems faced by animals, for they are an important part of our community. Last year, the Impact Guru team ran an incredibly successful #PledgeABowl campaign to fix water bowls on the streets for birds and animals so that they don’t dehydrate in the summer.

You don’t need to be an animal lover to show some compassion for the helpless and voiceless stray in your locality. If funds are what you need for your mission to help animals at risk, we encourage you to raise funds by starting a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru. All you have to do is tell the world about this issue you are trying to resolve, and ask them to donate and be part of your crowdfunding India campaign. Share it extensively with your friends and family on social media, so that more people can be part of your initiative.

So here are a few simple but great ideas of how a crowdfunding India can make a difference to the lives of our furry friends who can’t speak for themselves.

  1. Allocate your crowdfunded money to organize a daily or weekly feeding program to feed the strays at risk of starvation.
  2. Animals that scavenge for food are at higher risk of contracting and spreading diseases – raise funds to vaccinate or provide medical care to stray animals.
  3. Run a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of adopting pets over buying them from breeders.
  4. Setup you own nonprofit that looks out for the voiceless – be it a foster care for animals, or an animal rights welfare organization.

A crowdfunding India that looks out for the betterment of all who form part of our society, including animals, is the India we at Impact Guru envision.