The Best Vape Juices


 There are a number of e-juices in the market. A survey conducted by an e-juice company seems to have come up with the list of the best e-juices in the market. They have been listed here

Charlies Chalk Dust

 This is an e-juice that comes with a complex flavoring. The choice of flavors offered by the company include

  • Mustache Milk- This is a sweeter e-juice with the flavor of traditional cereal and sweet cream
  • CCD3- Ice cream with caramel and a topping of sea salt
  • Honey badger- This  consists of a flavor that is akin to fluffy tobacco leaves laced with cream and honey

The Charlie’s collection is considered to be the 5th best E-liquid Mate to be used have a heady vaping experience.

WFFL E-liquids

 There are about 4 concoctions of e-juices offered by  WFFL.  They are all sweet juice concoctions that have delightful flavors which includes

  • Strawberry and cream flavored e-liquid that is similar in flavor to a waffle loaded with strawberry and cream
  • Blueberry flavored e-liquid that is sweet like blueberry loaded waffle
  • Lemon and curd flavoring which combines both sweet as well as tart flavor
  • Almond and caramel with sweetness and flavor that comes close to a delectable dessert.

Cosmic Fog E-Juice

The e-juices are known for their fruit flavors and distinct blends which includes

  • Milk and honey
  • Sonrise
  • Sonset

These are a mix of flavors that the vapers find fulfilling.

Space Jam E-juice

 These are high VG e-juices that feature a number of distinct flavorings inclusive of

  • Blueberry muffin
  • Cherry limeade
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Blue raspberry cotton candy

etc.  They are clearly a must-try e-juices for those who are looking for a great  out of the world vaping experience.

Naked 100 E-liquids

This ranks first among the e-liquids in the market. The flavors are believed to be simple and delicious. The e-juices in this bandwagon include

  • Naked unicorn- Strawberry and cream flavor
  • Naked yummy gum- Bubble gum flavor
  • Naked Berries – With a natural berry flavor

This is not all. There are many more flavors. But, naked 100 e-juices seem to top the list of e-juices in the market because of the flavor list that is too long that you will definitely find a flavor that would suit your taste bud.