All about Trenbolone


TRENBOLONE is used for animals and till date no medical prescription has been written for human use. This is strictly a veterinary drug. This drug is given to animals to livestock to increase their muscle growth, absorption of mineral in the body appetite.


Once ingested into the body it allows for protein synthesis in the muscle and increasing the appetite of the animal. This steroid is both androgenic and anabolic in nature and when the usage is stopped it can give the person secondary sex characteristics.

Way back in the in the 90s there were versions of trenbolone after the the advent offinajet in the 80s also known as parabolon, which now is not made any more. It gave faster results when used for bodybuilding and had the efficiency of cutting fat. Molti potenti steroidi androgeni Trenbolone acetate is the powerful version of the then parabolan of then 90s and has more better effects.It is found in the injectable form and the best dosage ranges from 100 to 200mg per week as it has powerful half life.

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To increase the efficiency of the half life of this drug it is put into a combination to release trenbolone into the blood stream and effect longer. It is usually in the combination as trenbolone acetate, trenboloneenathate, Trenbolonehexabenzylcarbonate.

This steroid has better receptor capacity as it has both testosterone and progesterone receptors and has been calculated as five times more effective. Trenbolone acetate has shorter half life of 48 hours where as trenbolone alone has only 5 to 6 hours so it has to be administered frequently.

This used by bodybuilders and athletes but is illegal and is banned or a controlled substance in most countries of the world. The bodybuilders use this steroid for toning and hardening their physique.

Side effects

  • The is a massive increase in the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Males experience erectile dysfunction
  • There is an aggressive behaviour displayed.
  • The body can get overheated and also breathlessness can set in.

Fear or delusional mindset may set in.

  • Deprivation of sleep and night sweats may occur.
  • The colour of the urine may have a strange colour.
  • There are also reports of bouts of coughing and wheezing caused by trenbolone and usually referred to as tren cough. Even low dosages can cause this and associated with steroid trenbolone.
  • Some rare cases of breast enlargement have been noticed but as said it’s not the most common side effect of the use of the steroid.


It increases the production of red blood cells in your body, so more cells carry more oxygen to the muscles, hence more stamina to workout. The more you workout the tougher your body gets.

Bigger muscles aren’t got by eating more food. But the food has to be converted into protein this need nitrogen which facilitates the process of getting the protein synthesis going.

It helps you to burn fat in the body, the muscles are growing and simultaneously the fat is burning out with the help of this steroid. This has proved useful also in the cutting phase.