7 Items You Can Sell And Turn To Cash Before Your Move


Rather than packing up old things in a box, why don’t you try to sell it when you move? This may sounds like your stepping backwards, however, when you know what you are doing, you could actually generate income out of your old stuff. Find out what are the possible things you can sell prior on moving day!

  1. Kitchen Appliances

Time to face the fact, you need to say goodbye to your lovely kitchen wares where you almost spent your days eating while talking with your family. Better give it to someone who could really use it, or if you never open it up you may sell it online. Removalists Hills District like Bill Removalists Sydney can help you transport these appliances to their new owner.

  1. Clothes

These past few years, lot of things happened to you. You’ve got a new job and now you need to move for that, same thing with clothes. One day they will perfectly fit you and then, the other day they will not. In that case, you shouldn’t keep them anymore. Let someone else appreciate your pre-loved clothing.

  1. Books

You need to let them go also. Let your books and their future owners be happy together. By that, you are also doing some favour for yourself through freeing space they take up in your new apartment.

  1. Collectibles and Arts

Your collectibles and arts are difficult to sell especially if you want to hand it over to someone who truly has the passion for it. This is not impossible though, but you must do your own homework before selling.  Know the best possible value for your pre-loved collection. Identifying the things what to sell would not only help in de-cluttering the house but also you can also make money from the things that you do not usually use. You can conduct yard sale for those things.

  1. Mugs and Towels

 Actually, you can survive with just two towels. Aside from it take some space in your laundry, heaps of towel during your move is a big burden.  You can sell your cute mugs also along with your towels.

  1. Borrowed things

Time has come. You need to return what you borrowed from your relatives, friends (and even enemies). It would be too shameful as well as awkward when you found out that you had the red shirt your best friend been looking for the whole year.

  1. Stuffed Animals

Yes, maybe you’ve been treasuring your stuffed animals due to sentimental reasons, but you also need to get rid of this before you leave.

What to Give Away or Donate?

Segregate the things what to give away or donate. After the yard sale, you can collect all the items that are not sold and you can donate it to charity institutions. It will not only help in organizing your home, but you can also help to charity institutions. You may ask some assistance from expert removalists Manly like Bill Removalists Sydney to make it easier for you.

Organizing your home can be done room by room so that you will not feel exhausted when moving. Choose the part of your home where you will start to remove clutter. Likewise, you need also to determine how much time you can spend in doing the task. If you have little time, then you should devote your time organizing small space. Before putting the item in the box you should think first where it should be. Making decision about each item (to whom to sell) as soon as you touch them is the main key in selling your old, unused stuffs.