5 Simplest But Most Powerful Confidence Boosters for Bad Days


There are days when you just wake up feeling crummy about yourself and life – most likely because your monthly “frenemy” is coming around and your hormones are “crazy.” Or sometimes, you launch your day on a good note and then something happens such as getting a bad feedback from a co-worker or boss and everything seems to go downhill after that.

Fact: There will always be bad days. Even the most positive people deal with awful days. However, you cannot let these bad days affect your psyche too much. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for an unnecessarily long period of suffering.

Crummy days are difficult but they sure are manageable. It is just a matter of implementing the right “day reversal” strategies that can boost your confidence so you can charge through your day despite the negative energy around.

To help you reverse a bad day, here are five simple yet powerful confident boosters to try.

  1. Look your best.

Do yourself up. Do not give in to how sluggish you are feeling and instead pick out a colourful and fashionable outfit that you love and wear makeup.

There is nothing like looking nice for your day to make you feel more in control. And sometimes, life rewards you for the effort and directs people your way to make you feel even better through compliments on how you look.

  1. Treat yourself to a good meal.

A good meal can trigger the release of feel-good hormones. Go to a healthy restaurant and order food that looks good to you.

Doing this will give you something to look forward to that can neutralize the bad vibes of the day. Plus, treating yourself well with food will provide you with some much-needed energy to tackle the rest of your day.

It is worth noting as well that the decision to get yourself a really good meal can serve as a reminder that you deserve the fine things in life. When life is being mean, fight it by being kind to yourself.

  1. Listen to an uplifting podcast.

Get a different perspective on life by listening to inspiring messages. Check out podcasts that are focused on bringing positivity to daily living. You can pick up a lot of lessons from such media that you can apply to your day.

Or, they can simply distract you from negative thoughts triggered by being the “backlash of somebody’s lack of love” (lyrics from “Brave” by Sara Bareilles). Podcasts can also shush those thoughts that are not helping you and bring you mental clarity to take firm rein on your day.

  1. Blast perky tunes.

Take a cue from athletes who psyche themselves up with dance tunes or their favourite music.

Let your body naturally respond to upbeat music and obliterate the bad vibes surrounding you. There are songs that have the power to restore joy and you can use them to give you the confidence you need when life is trying to bring you down.

It is worth mentioning that music is a stress neutralizer and some songs even have messages to inspire you to rise above a difficult situation. So, do not overlook the power of good music when you need a boost of energy and confidence on a bad day.

  1. Do something you’re good at.

Nothing can reinforce your self-worth better than putting your skills on display. If you’re a good dancer, dress up nicely and go dancing with friends. If you are a fantastic baker, whip up something in the kitchen that you can share with family and friends.

When certain aspects of life are not going as well as you want them to, it is good to remind yourself of what you are truly capable of. The confidence that you can derive from being good at a particular thing can spill over to those aspects of life wherein you need a bit more boost.

Remember, bad days are temporary. Do not let them have a long-lasting impact on your life. Take the lessons they offer and regain control using the confidence boosters shared here.


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