5 Fascinating Facts of Indonesia’s Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is an archipelago with many coral islands and is widespread throughout its territory. Raja Ampat has the 4 biggest main islands, namely Waigeo Island, Batanta Island, Salawati Island, and Misool Island.

Those four large islands which became the starting place of the spread of the whole population of Raja Ampat who work as sailors. Raja Ampat is considered to be the 10 best waters around the globe. This is based on several studies on the wealth of marine nature and flora. These are some fascinating facts about Indonesia’s Raja Ampat.

  1. Not many people can visit Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is essentially a national park, so intentionally not developed and marketed as a traveler destination. Raja Ampat residents are extremely concerned about the sustainability and cleanness of nature. Consequently, they’ll limit the people who visit Raja Ampat. The neighborhood will do anything to make Raja Ampat beautiful and sustainable.

  1. People of Raja Ampat are friendly

The native people of Indonesia are known for their friendliness, and so is with the population of Raja Ampat. They’re very friendly, which makes visitors will seem like at home there.  A lot of people think that Papuans are notoriously severe, but actually, they’re very favorable.

  1. It had been found when searching for shipwrecked

Raja Ampat was started to be well known in 1990. During that time, a diver of the Dutch named Max Ammer visited the region. His first purpose was to trace the occurrence of the planes and ships used in World War II which were presumed to have sunk at the examination. It turned out that Max Ammer was awed by the diversity of biota at Raja Ampat. Therefore, in 1998, he invited Gerry Allen, a fishery expert from Australia, to conduct a questionnaire within this place.

  1. The top ten seas in the world

For a diver, the occurrence of a coral reef is a fantastic attraction. Furthermore, Raja Ampat is a coral reef paradise. There are several coral reefs whose condition is still very good with the proportion of live coral cover up to ninety percent, for example at Dampier strait, East of Misool Island, Kofiau Islands, and Wayag Islands. Raja Ampat has various type of coral reefs from sloping contours to steep.

  1. 73 percent of the visitors are a foreigner

Though the journey to Raja Ampat requires lots of spending budget, it doesn’t lower the interest of tourists that visit. In 2007, only 1,000 people were visiting the place. But currently, the number of tourists in Raja Ampat reaches 15,000 people, and 73 percent of them came from foreign nations. Are you intrigued to visit there soon?

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