4 Tips in Redesigning Your Home Garden

Home Improvement

One time, while browsing through a gardening magazine, you came across a picture of a home with some incredible landscaping in Riverton, Utah that caught your eye.

Based on that image, you now want to redo your garden.

It happens; gardens are among common homeowner projects that rarely get fully completed.

There are a lot of factors that can also affect your decision to redesign your garden. Plants die or fail to thrive. In some cases, you initially had no idea of how big your plants could actually get when they fully mature thereby resulting in a “fail.”

Perhaps your original plans were too ideal and could not be fully realized. You may have even bought plants or made plans for your garden on impulse. Whatever the case may be, re-evaluating and redesigning your garden is a normal practice if you are a passionate gardener, even when you may not have the proverbial green thumb.

If you are at a stage where you are planning to change some aspects of your garden, then you’re in luck. The following tips are designed to help you get through this phase with greater chances of success:

1. Install hardscapes

Hardscapes such as pathways, fencing and patios can provide foundation and structure to your growing garden. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you may want to include hardscapes for specific activities such as an outdoor kitchen and dining area for entertaining relatives and guests.

On the other hand, water features make great focal points. By adding a fountain or a  small pond, you are creating a space where you and your guests can relax and listen to the soothing sounds of the water flowing.

2. Reduce lawn size

Some people like having a large lawn and seeing vast areas of grass. However, to maintain that look of well-manicured grass, you may need to mow your lawn at least twice a month.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands or you have the funds to pay for lawn care services, it may be more practical for you to limit your lawn space.

Reducing the size of your lawn does not mean reducing the size of your entire garden. Instead, you can repurpose some of the lawn space and turn it into space for flower beds or additional planted areas. Compared to lawns, the combination of plants can create greater visual interest.

If you choose the right combination of plants, you can have a garden that produces interest not just during the spring or summer months but also throughout the year. You can even pick plants that draw plant-friendly wildlife to your yard.

3. Make notes

For first-time gardeners or if you have new plants, take time to document the growth of the vegetation. Take pictures and notes of each plant and your garden as a whole. Do it every season for a few years.

After taking care of your garden for a few years, you would acquire sufficient experience and have observed several varieties of foliage. Perhaps, you may have even bought plants on impulse like before. But by waiting for a few years before you redesign your garden, you would already know what works and what doesn’t.

These notes are especially important when redesigning your garden. Refer to your notes when deciding which plants to keep or give away. You will also need your notes when shopping for new plants.

When documenting your plant activities, don’t forget to take note of where you placed your plants and the conditions. The amount of sunshine, water, wind and even the soil conditions can affect how well your plants can grow.

4. Use containers

Plant containers are not like what they are used to — and in a good way. The assortment of pots and containers on the market makes it possible to create a garden filled with these accessories.

You can be creative with containers as well. Some gardeners like to limit one type of plant per pot while others like to mix and match.

Pots make it easier to control plant growth as well. When redesigning your garden, potted plants allow you to move your plants more easily.

Keep in mind, however, that potted plants require more care than greenery planted straight into the ground. As such, you may need to be more observant and establish a routine when it comes to caring for potted plants.

To get additional expert advice on redesigning your lawn, consult an established company that offers professional lawn care services. In Riverton, Utah and in many parts of the country, you can find local businesses that can help you successfully and beautifully modify the look of your garden.