What is the Legal Status of Phentermine in Australia? – Know the Reasons for it


Phentermine is a drug, which is highly popular among the people belonging to the bodybuilding and weight lifting for weight loss purposes. Phentermine is so popular that there are various products out there, which are sold with the brand name of phentermine. However, phentermine is categorized as a controlled substance because researchers have found various elements in it, which can cause addiction or the misuse of the drug.

In many countries, phentermine is also illegal to be bought and sold. The ones where it is legal, the consumers are required to have a prescription from a certified doctor to purchase the drug.

Phentermine is categorised under the Schedule IV category. This means that the consumer will not be able to purchase it without a prescription. There are various reasons behind this. In this article, we will be talking about the legal status of phentermine in Australia and the reasons behind it being a Schedule IV category drug.

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Know all the rules and regulations of purchasing phentermine in Australia

Phentermine is widely sold under a brand name of adipex. There are various other brand names as well. However, in Australia, phentermine is illegal to be bought and sold. Though there are some alternatives to phentermine. Some of the most popular ones have been mentioned below –

  • The most popular alternative of phentermine is a pill called Duromine. This pill can be only obtained with the help of a prescription from any certified doctor.
  • Duromine is known to contain 30 mcg of phentermine and hence gives out the similar effects as phentermine. Duromine helps in suppressing the diet of the consumer so that he/she can eat less and there is a sense of fullness all the time.
  • Duromine is accessible in 15mg, 30mg and 40mg tablets. The dosage will entirely depend on the purpose of the consumer.
  • The dosages must be strictly monitored by the doctors to ensure that the consumer stays safe.

What are the reasons behind phentermine being a schedule IV drug?

There are in total five categories of the drugs and the supplements. The schedule IV is meant for the drugs, which can be legal to purchase, but only with a prescription. Phentermine is categorised into this schedule because scientist have found various elements in the drug, which can lead to a severe addiction. The excess of phentermine can cause side effects as well.

One can find 30 mg phentermine pills in Australia by the brand name of duromine. There are other alternatives as well.