Top First-Aid Items for the Road


You may remember a saying that goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to going on road trips in camper rentals. From packing snacks and water to making sure you have road hazard signals and a first-aid kit, it is important to be prepared before you set out.

When we say first-aid kits, you should think about what you would want to put in a first-aid kit that you can depend on. Store-bought first aid kits don’t always come with the items that you would want in an emergency, so be sure to pack what you would want to have should the need arise.

To help you get started packing, following are our top 10 items we would pack in our first-aid kit to make sure that we were covered, no matter what:

  • Bandages-Of every kind. From band-aids to gauze, you want to be sure to have everything you need to cover up and protect an “boo-boo”, of any size. Don’t forget to include ankle braces or ACE bandages for sprained ankles.
  • Surgical tape-It won’t do much good to have a bandage or gauze that you can’t keep together. Surgical tape will keep the bandage in place.
  • Sterilized pocket knife with scissors and tweezers-This can come in handy for preparing gauze or bandages.
  • Antiseptic towels-These are highly important for cleaning out wounds in a sterile and safe way, as well as for cleaning off your pocket knife.
  • A pack of home medicines-You never know when a stomachache will appear out of nowhere or when a fever will bring you down. Make sure to pack a full pack of any type of medicine that you could imagine wanting should the situation warrant it. It is always better to have what you need and not need it then to need it and not have it.
  • Muscle relief creams-Whether your shoulders get tired and achy from hours of driving or you injure yourself while on the road, muscle relief creams with arnica, ginger, or menthol can help to provide your achy body with relief so you can relax and sleep at night.
  • Extra items for adventure-If you plan on hiking or participating in some type of sport or activity such as white water rafting or anything that could possibly cause injury, you may want to bring items such as Quick-Clot for blood clotting, a sling for broken bones, or a splint. While you hopefully won’t have to use any of these, if you have room in your RV, you might as well bring them.
  • Antibiotic cream-For minor cuts and wounds.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol-For extra sterilization and cleaning purposes. These items can make a difference between a simple cut being just a simple cut or turning ito an infected mess.
  • Motion-sickness pills-If you have kids, these can be a life-saver to avoid pulling over often for them to vomit or crying about feeling dizzy.