The Right Option for a Big City: Eco-Friendly Propane Powered Scooters


With the direction that the automobile industry trend seems to be going in big cities, the larger vehicles might soon be taken off the streets because of enormous traffic. The alternatively smaller vehicles that are at the same time friendly to the environment are gradually leading the pace because of their extreme efficiency, firmness and consistency.  We might need to take a closer look at these promised vehicles of the future to see if they really are worth the description that they get.

Propane operated scooters: Good or bad Photo:

Let us start with the actual advantages that might be derived from owning a new age scooter that is powered by propane. The advantages are divided into several aspects of usability.  We could as well decide to begin with the fact that they are not designed to take an additional heavy load and neither can they compete with motorcycles that are developed with the capability to accelerate from zero to several hundred kilometers per hour in a matter of seconds. Moreover, if you are one of those that cherish the possibility for a vehicle to maneuver, then the ProGo 3000 might just be a dream comes true for you.

Apparent benefits of propane powered scooters are such as follows:

  • The ability to easily maneuver in addition to the obvious small size that would make it possible for you to escape a lot of traffic encounters.
  • A very power engine for a relatively small vehicle class. The ProGo 3000, for example, has a four-stroke engine that has the capacity of travelling at 20 meters per hour. This is an amazing performance for such a minute class of vehicle.
  • No harm is done to the ecosystem. Aside from the fact that the propane powered scooters have about the same speed as the gasoline powered scooters, you are doing a lot of good to the environment because the propane fuel does not produce harmful gases when in use.

Just one problem that seems tangible in the propane scooters is that they are relatively new in the market, which might mean you cannot just take it to a local workshop for repair. Moreover, because of their increasing rate of popularity, this problem is gradually reducing by the day.

The ProGo 3000 and the merits of propane fuel

It is no longer news that propane proves to be a better fuel source than the generic gasoline and the vehicles powered by propane might someday take over the roads around the globe.  Moreover, what we are experiencing in the present day describes almost the opposite, as vehicles powered by propane are rarely even popular yet. Well, for this one time, the arrival of new vehicle models like the ProGo 3000 might be changing the scene a bit.

Propane fuel on its own has an amazingly high octane number: 98-100. Propane powered scooters are seen to be more economically friendly than the other models of vehicles because you spend very little on propane for so much power.

Of course, we are expecting some future cons in the electric scooters, but at the moment, they still do not have so much to boast about. The ProGo 3000 needs about three minutes to refill or replace its propane canister while an electric scooter would need a few hours to get a full battery recharge. It becomes obvious why the market is so crazy about the best options and new replicas like the ProGo 3000 that has all the possibilities to portray the propane fuel efficiency.