The Perfect Calculation For Building Athletic Physique


Anabolic drugs have become very popular among people who are fitness conscious. They strive towards bringing their body to a shape which is athletic. It is a combination of strength and muscle growth. You not only feel strong but look strong as well. Deca Durabolin is one such anabolic drug which is adaptable and beneficial. It builds muscle mass and used as a bulking compound. It has a long Decanoate ester attached and thus needs extended cycles of uninterrupted use. The product helps in protein synthesis and improves endurance as well. It helps in recovery of lacking muscles and portions of the body. It is not about huge pumped muscles but more of lean athletic muscle growth combined with strength.

Its General Dosage

Initially, medical prescriptions made recommendation of fifty to hundred milligram administrations every three to four weeks for twelve weeks in total. The dosage varies on medical conditions of each person.  For example, if anaemic patient is prescribed this drug then it can be hundred to two hundred milligrams weekly which may again vary with the prescription given by a medical practitioner. The concentration of the product was later increased. Though the gain is not speedy yet the product has great results on body if patiently taken.

Dosage And Cycle For Women

The dosage of physique and performance enhancing for female users is fifty milligrams per week respectively. The intake must not be taken at a stretch beyond four to six week periods to avoid virilization. It has very low androgenic strength and thus the side effects are rare. But that cannot be completely ignored.

Medical studies have clearly displayed a number of incidents on virilization effects. It is highly recommended that female users terminate the usage of the product at the early symptoms of onset of virilization. Female users may have problems pertaining to the long half life supplied by Decanoate ester which has an effect of an extended time for Nandrolone leave the body. This causes entire removal of Nandrolone and visible virilization effects.

Make Your Own Calculation

As an individual the requirement of such drug in your body is varying. It should not be generalized on the common approximate dosage explained above. In case of intake of any steroid though legal you should always consult a doctor. He can calculate your dosage per-week and tell you the exact requirement of your body. It is not only a precautionary measure but also gives you notable results avoiding any side effects.

Though it is advised under the supervision of a medical consultant, you can also look for it in the website. This is completely optional and the former option is much advised. There is box in the website which helps you to calculate your dosage by filling in the details like gender, age etc. Here are other medical conditions and allergies that may make the online calculated result varying from that obtained from a doctor or medical practitioner.