The aspects and features of the anabolic steroids


When you come across the bulky musclemen as well as the weightlifters, you definitely wonder how they are able to build up so much mass on their body. For your information, these weightlifters along with proper regime of diet and exercise, take help of the artificially formulated steroids. The most popular of these bodybuilding steroids is the Anabol or the dianabol. If you are still thinking about the legal issues of it, then you must know that these steroids are sold in a measured amount, under the proper licensing of the law. The anabol is similar to the male androgen hormone, testosterone. This drug has also other medical usages. When the doctors prescribe the anabolic steroids to the bodybuilders, they specify them a certain amount, which can be either taken orally or can be injected within the muscle of the body. Anabol, other than aiding the bodybuilding enthusiasts, help the patients of anemia and also the people who cannot produce the needed amount of testosterone in the body. Alongside the legal versions of the drug drugs there are illegal variants, which are sold as non-prescription anabolic steroids.

The doctors and the physicians make it a point never to refer young people to use the anabolic steroids. The most common steroids are oxandrin, Anadrol, winstrol, dianabol, equipoise and deca-durabolin. The common street names are very hard to be found out. These drugs have the generalized term called the steroids. On the streets, they are frequently called as juice or roids. Anabolic, as a term refers to the activity of muscle building in the body. After taking this drug, the androgen level in the body gets increased along with the development of the male characteristics.

How the drug is taken

Some users of the steroid take oral pills. This is the most popular form of taking it. Others use hypodermic needles as injection to inject the drug directly into the muscle mass. When the users take the drug frequently, without measuring the dosage, they are called as the abusers. The abusers mostly fall prey into the hands of the dealers of non-prescription anabolic steroids.The abusers are known to take from ten to a hundred times more dosage from the regular amount which is prescribed by the physicians generally. Many users of the steroids take along the combined dosage of different kinds of steroids. This practice is known as stacking. The users take up the cycle of ten to twelve weeks. At the very beginning of the cycle, the users start with low dosages. They gradually increase the intake of their medicines to higher amounts.

The common side effects of anabol steroid

The users of this drug have frequently reported about the side effects after using this drug. The most common side effects are hair loss, lower sex drive, liver damage, increased cholesterol level, alarming cut down of the essential fats of the body and also deepening of voice tone. Excessive growth of hair all over the body along with frequent acne breakouts are also common side effects.