There are certain factors to decide the best forex brokers. It’s what we received after trading with a good broker in the field.

By my little experiences and review from many long terms investors in forex what I collected. There are some names that I believe they have performed as the best of all.

– Exness: 9/10.

– HotForex: 8/10.

– XM: 8/10.

– FxPro: 7.5/10.

So what did bring them to the top list?

Good licenses

You might put your trust in brokers with a collection of licenses. It makes sense in anyways because these regulations are all hard to get. They are the certificate for your business security and the guarantee for our own good.

No Broker names Regulations
1 Exness CySEC, FCA
2 HotForex CySEC, FSCA, FCA

A credible license depends on the traders. Each regulation protects a specific group of license, up to the authorized organizations.

For example, CySEC is a good license for Asian traders.

Too many licenses mean a lot of backward because trading now depends on a long list of terms. Therefore, one or two reliable regulations can prove the safety.

Affordable transaction cost

Every business hides gain and loss, absolutely. In forex as well, you have to invest then expect your win.

Brokers will ask you for deposit and transaction cost. A broker as requires 500% for the first deposit. It’s a normal rate on the market. However, brokers we have mentioned ask you for the least.

With Exness, paying $1 for deposit can lead you into trading immediately. Same with FBS. 5$ is the rate that XM asks for, equivalent to Hotforex. Those are the best forex brokers for beginners.

They focus on getting your loyalty at first transactions. You will find out if they are the best forex brokers after several lots. The advantage here is that they do not make you throw much money on first transactions, as many others do.

Commission and spread are charged low with these brokers, in addition. For example, Exness asks for only 2.5 USD per lot. Spread in Exness is the lowest, too. You can track it and compare other brokers.

Depends on your style of doing forex, each broker suits you in a different way.


Good customer service

In any cooperation, customer service seems the decisive factor for the length of co-working. Same happens with Forex. It can explain while these best forex brokers have the largest number of clients out of others.

Exness verified its website in 18 languages. They set up local offices almost every country where it has the business. Moreover, they have staffs support 24/7 in Chinese and English. That’s why I said it’s the best for Asian trader.

XM has its services in 23 languages. Others forex brokers on the list to focus on assisting customer as well. That’s why they are perfect to work with.  Exness, XM, Hotforex are the best forex brokers in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia…