Silver Handicraft Yogyakarta Types Based On Manufacturing Techniques


Besides famous as the city with the highest number of students, Yogyakarta is also famous for its silver handicraft yogyakarta located in Kotagede. Kotagede silver handicraft shops can be found along Kemasan to Tegalgendu Street. Kotagede silverware variation is not only limited to jewelry, but now silver crafts are made with a variety of designs. At this time silver handicrafts can also be made of various forms such as eating utensils, vehicles, animals, miniature buildings, and much more.

If we want to buy silver handicraft, surely we need to know more about the silver handicraft. Likewise, if you are interested to buy silver handicraft in Kotagede, you need to know more about the types of silverware. By knowing more about silver handicrafts, you will be able to choose handicraft silver well to get the silver handicraft as you wish. Basically, silver handicraft yogyakarta types can be divided into the following:

  • Hand Made Silver Handicraft

This silver handicraft is pure made by hand, without relying on the machine. From start to finish process done by hand. This craft is the embryo of silver industry in Kotagede Yogyakarta and even until now silver handicrafts in Kotagede still dominated handmade crafts. The process of making handmade silver using hand can still be classified into 2 types, which is filigree and solid silver.Filigree is a silver craft made with stilted silver yarn, while solid silver is made of silver plate.

  • Molding Silver Handicraft

In general, the mold here means the process begins with the melting of silver and copper metal which is then poured into pre-prepared molds according to the desired shape. Once the printing process is done with a centrifugal casting machine it can produce tens or even hundreds of silver products. The advantages of a print-making system are time savings and models that can be made all the same. Nevertheless, the finishing process of the silver process still uses hands in between, the thought and sanding of improper print marks. The main obstacle to the production of this printing system is the expensive price of the printing press. In Indonesia alone not many entrepreneurs who own the casting machine itself. Therefore, in Kotagede you rarely find this kind of silver handicraft.

  • Machine Produce Silver Handicraft

Silverware with machine production system is also a mass production system like casting. Only here used the machine instead of a casting machine. Machine-made products are usually necklaces and chain bracelets. Similar to the casting machine, this jewelry maker is also quite expensive. In Indonesia silver crafts are made with many machines coming from East Java. While in Kotagede, you will not find silverware with this production system. Most of Kotagede’s silverware will be made purely by hand.

When looking at these types, silver handicraft yogyakarta manufacturingmay be more inclined to use the pure hand-making process.With the process of making handicraft using hand silver, silver handicraft produced will have more artistic value and beauty. Here also lie the advantage silver handicrafts of Kotagede in Yogyakarta from the silver craft in other areas. Make sure you get this silver craft with high artistic value from Kotagede when you come to Yogyakarta.