How to sell your car in Bangalore easily

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Do you have plans to buy a new car and you don’t know what to do with the old one? Even a old car can fetch you good money if you have maintained it properly. There are a lot of people looking for sale of used car in Bangalore. So, if you follow some simple steps, you shouldn’t have much trouble selling your car.

Get the car ready

If you want to find a buyer, your merchandise has to be in a good shape. Get the car serviced. Check it for any damage, exterior or interior. Make a note of every single dent, scratch, unusual noise. Make sure the service station takes care of each and every problem. You might be ignoring the dirty upholstery and the stained leather for a long. Now is the time to get it cleaned and ready for a showing. Remember, just because someone is looking for a used car, doesn’t mean they won’t care about how the car was used. People who go for a second hand vehicle usually do so because they cannot afford to buy a new one. That said, they’d want to go for something as close to new as possible. Also gather all the paper-work of the purchase, insurance and service history. If possible, get certifications from your service station stating the car’s current condition.

Where to sell

You have a few options to sell your car. You can go to a used car dealer and sell it there where they will find a buyer and re-sell it. You might make a little less money selling to a dealer, but you will be saved from the hassle of finding buyers, making time from  your daily work for the showings, giving them test drives and all of the effort that comes with being a sales person. However, if you do not mind any of that, choose an online portal of your liking where you can put your car for sale. Post all the details of your car along with pictures of the exterior and interior taken from all angles.  The details should include the car model, how much it has run till date, fuel type, mileage, engine condition, accessories included etc.