The Secret of Alpha Males in Gyms


As a design engineer, we are most exposed to unhealthy lifestyle due to the nature of our work environment. Most of our time revolves on the front of the computer and attending stressful meetings which can pile to point of exhaustion. We also prefer to use our free time to drink beer or eat something fatty foods. There also impact of the daily commute and traversing heavy congested traffic that takes almost hours.

With such lifestyle, most of us gain weight faster and store unwanted fat in our body. Well, as time goes by, our bodies become more sluggish and beer bellies become more visible. Therefore, we decided to change for the betterment of our lives. We signed up for the nearby local gym to lose weight and to remove toxins from our body.

The Gym Competition

Even though our objective in signing in a gym is to lose weight, people tend to be competitive especially if enclosed in a room and the presence of physical activities in an environment full of strangers. Guys have the tendency to show off and present their dominance to others. Like the brain of the common males was programmed to activate a certain function to prove to strangers that they are more superior being.

As we are diligently attending the gym and aided by the instructor, we immediately felt the competitiveness of the environment and the presence of aggressiveness from the others. It was like some sort of jungle, where each of them is trying to claim an abstract throne of being the alpha male of the gym.

Different Muscle Tones

As we continue to our daily workout, we observed different body built. Some are those like action stars in the movies with their huge body mass and bulky muscles with veins visible that it most likely to pop off any minute. In these types of muscles group, I and my office mates always discussed the probability that those guys are taking steroids which either obtained with a prescription of a licensed physician or illegally purchased.

There are also those who have a small to medium built bodies, and we assumed that they are people who build their body naturally without any help any supplements or drugs. They are the class of muscle tones which is a more likely feasible model for us to accomplish and aim for. Therefore, we constantly observed them and noticed something amazing. Judging by their appearances, the bulkier male should have physically overcome those in medium classes but it was reliable to assume that they are most likely performing at the same level.

The Fact Finding

Due to our curiosity, we asked our gym trainer regarding our observation. We are amazed by the answer was given to us. He said that both of them are using prescribed steroids. He also discussed to us that there are different types of steroid that available for use and can provide unique results depending on the type. There are brands that help in increasing the muscle size and gaining body mass which makes them bulkier and huge. Meanwhile, there are also variants of steroid that aid in weight loss and at the same increasing the quality of the muscle which ideal to most of the people. But most of all, all of the products aim to increase the strength and overall endurance of the body.

With amazing facts, we learned from the trainer that steroid is not a bad option as long it was used properly. Steroids in tablet form like Anavar that are legal to purchase online and regulated that it can be bought even without a prescription. Since it is a performance enhancing drug, it can be utilized as a supplement to help build the body stronger but caution is required to prevent development of any adverse effect from taking it.