Reasons Why People Remove Tattoos


People have been preforming tattoo removal since time immemorial. Not only was the process conducted on human beings and living creatures, tattoo removal was also performed on various commodities using different tools. In the past, there was a common belief that tattoos were permanent, but that notion has faded over time with the introduction of laser technology. While there are many companies specializing in tattoo removal, there are some that have perfected this art such as NewWaveLaserTattooRemoval.

Previous methods of tattoo removal

Modern companies use laser technology to get rid of tattoos. This is unlike the past when crude and painful methods were used. These methods include the like is dermabrasion or the use of trichloro acetic acid. This method consisted removing the upper part of the skin through the application of acid. Not only was this method painful but it posed health risks to the person having a tattoo removed. Another method being commonly used is the salt abrasion which involves scratching the skin with salt to remove the tattoo. Excision and cryosurgery are other methods that work well when the client want a bigger tattoo or skin graft. Today, laser technology uses Q-Switched lasers to remove the tattoo unlike before when continuous-wave lasers were used for the process. This new technique guarantees the removal of all black ink from the body. 

Reasons for removal

People remove tattoos for different reasons. According to a recent poll conducted in the United States, a good number of Americans say that they removed their tattoo as they were too young when they put it on. Others say that they are bored by the tattoo or some feel that they will be marked for life. The statistics showed that a large number of Americans put a tattoo during their late teenage years as well as during the early 20s. By the time they become family people, they start regretting the choice of having a tattoo on their body due to a change in their tastes. Extravagant motives can also lead to tattoo removal. Imagine a break-up between two people who had tattooed the name of the partner on their body. People who have undergone a tattoo removal say that they have suffered an embarrassment at one given time in their life. 


Laser technology allows something called replacement rather that removal. This process is better known as cover-up, and there are plenty of companies specializing in the process. In most cases, it requires an artfully implemented cover up to wipe out the old tattoo. The difficulty with a cover up is that it depends on other factors such as the skill of the artist who put the tattoo, colors used as well as style and size of the tattoo. Where tattoos are too dark to be covered, tattoo removal is the best choice to ensure the customer gets rid of the tattoo. Laser tattoo experimentations began in the early 1960s and have experienced remarkable changes in the last few years. Before choosing laser removal as your preferred removal method, ensure the person carrying out the procedure is experienced.