Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer


There are important questions to ask during your initial interview to make sure you choose the right divorce lawyer for your own unique situation. The outcome of your divorce proceedings will change the course of your life if you choose the best divorce lawyers.

Fundamental Questions

These basic inquiries should margin the entire interview: You should seek to know if he only practice family law exclusively, for how long he been practicing it, what his retainer fee is, if his retainer fee is refundable, what his pay is or rather his working rates, approximately, how much will the divorce cost, what he thinks the outcome will be.You must be aware of all the money you are paying for and what time you will be billed and at what rates. The lawyer can give you an estimate only with all the information you provide which makes it mandatory for you to tell all the details to the lawyer without hiding anything. You don’t want to give less information to your lawyer and see your spouse’s lawyer burying you with paperwork in the court. Its true about the stories you tell your client are going to be bitter and not so happy to hear but it is necessary you reveal all the details to the lawyer.

He should be Able to Face Trial

The lawyer you hire must have less cases or low in number of trials at the moment. You don’t need a lawyer who has a lot of cases at the same time and have less attention on yours for different reasons. You need divorce lawyers who will have all the focus on your case and help you get justice. And to save the benefit of a doubt, let him be sure of handling things in court if things go otherwise.

The Lawyer’s Workmates

If your spouse has a divorce lawyer, ask your soon-to-be lawyer if whether he/she knows this other lawyer. If so, ask if they have worked together before and if he thinks that he can settle the case for you and work against the lawyer. You don’t want your soon-to-be-lawyer to be a good friend of your spouses’ lawyer which might drag the case or leave you at stake. Look for a lawyer who hasn’t worked together with your opposite party’slawyer.

Who Will Handle Your Case?

If you contacted Mesa divorce attorney firm, ask who will be handling your case – the lawyer you are interviewing, an associate or a combination of lawyers? This will help clear up a barrier in communication during the process.

Collaborative Divorce

Should I consider collaborative divorce? Both lawyers and clients sign the contract that they won’t go to court, the lawyers will have to leave the case and the divorcing couple starts over again – looking for other lawyers to represent you.

Divorce Mediation

Sometimes even with proper meditation and care marriage disputes and problems can be solved however it is not possible if there is any assault in the marriage.