Natural Ways of Controlling Pests

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It’s a common thing to share your home resources with unwanted invaders that cause more harm than good. They can be found on air, in the cupboard and even on the carpet. The worst places that they can be found is in foodstuffs and in the clothes we were. For those people who haven’t figured what were are talking about, they are called pests. While there are many companies that have been established to fight these small organisms in our households, there are some that have excelled above others such a Pointe pest control and specializes with residents of major US cities.

How do we control pests?

Failure to eliminate pests could lead to diseases or unnecessary competition. While people turn to pesticides to get rid of pests, there are better ways of controlling pests without the use of these chemicals. These chemicals are not environmentally friendly and cause a lot of harm. Before you opt for chemicals as a way of controlling pests, you should try out one of the following methods first. But the methods you chose is determined by the type of pest you are dealing with.


If you have ever been invaded by ants, you know that they come as a result of attractants. Your first line of defense, in this case, should be to remove the product attracting them to your premise. This means that you should clear your house of things like sticky spots and crumbs. If you have a honey jar or sugar in your house, ensure that they are covered in a plastic baggie. Finally, to get rid of ants naturally, ensure that there are no water sources in your house. This includes things such as wet dishes and drips in your house.

Better ways of dealing with ants naturally

If the above-mentioned methods fail, there are other proven ways of dealing with ants. For instance, you can spray the ants or their entry point with soapy water. Drop peeled cucumber around the area occupied by ants. Since time immemorial, ants are usually averted by cucumbers. You can also use tea leaves to drive away ants. Just spill the tea leaves in the area colonized by these pests.


At one moment in your life, you must have encountered a cockroach. However, if you want your house to be cockroach free, your bathroom and kitchen should be as clean as possible. Cockroaches can be repelled with a strong soap or by vacuum cleaning. Cucumbers, bay leaves, and tea leaves are also very effective in deterring these small organisms. Also, always ensure that you have a spray bottle with you at all times.

Other methods of pest control

While we have just mentioned a few natural ways of dealing with common pests, there are bigger pests and many methods of controlling them. Common pest control methods being used today include mechanical pest control, physical pest control as well as biological pest control. Trap cropping, hunting as well as poisoned bait and field burning can be used to control pests.