Methenolone – The SAFEST Anabolic Steroid


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Methenolone is famously known to body builders as Primobolan. It is a mild synthetic anabolic androgenic steroidwith weak anabolic features. It is available in oil based injection form known as Methenolone Enanthate and oral pills known as Methenolone Acetate. Due to its week anabolic properties, it is preferred in cutting cycles.

Primobolan (Does It Work Though?)

Primobolan has 6% more androgenic properties when compared to Anavar. It is preferred to be used before contests.

Primo is a good option for building to build strong muscles at a low calorie diet but this will happen slowly. Though it acts slowly, you see a quality muscle built for a long term.

Though it is priced at higher side, many choose to take it because it gives all the muscle building effects with relatively less side effects and hence you need not worry a lot about your health.

Some side effects that you do not find with Primo are acne, no water retention, no bloating, no aggression and it does not shut down HPTA.

The most important point is that it allows recovery of natural testosterone levels. Hence, this is a widely used bodybuilding steroid.

Dosage of Primo:

The recommended dose of Primo oral pills for beginners is between 50-100mg per day which can be slowly increased to 100-150 mg per day depending on body’s tolerance. If there are no side effects and your body is able to tolerate, you may even take between 150-200mg per day.

The recommended dose of Primo injections for men beginners is 400mg per week which can be slowly increased to 400-700 mg per day depending on body’s acceptance. Women take between 50-100mg per week. Injection form has a longer half-life of 10-14 days. This is due to the removal of ester from Methenolone Enanthate which leaves only Methenolone in the body and hence there is a slow release. This gives a good relief as there is need to inject it only once in a week.

While using injections of Primo in bulking cycle, they are usually stacked withDianabol or Anadrol or testosterone.

Injection form has less influence on liver compared to oral primo and it does not affect blood pressure, cholesterol levels (HDL & LDL) and that’s why it is the safest steroid to take.

Using Primo solely is of no use. Some use it at high doses for good results which also may not be practical as it is a very costly drug.

Brands of Primobolan:

There are only few brands of Primo. Here are a few names:



Primobol 100

Primobolan S

Primobolan Depot( injection form)


Cycles of Primobolan:

Whatever form of Primo you take, it should be stacked with other steroids. If you prefer to take oral primo, then you can take 100mg per day for 8 weeks and stack it with 50mg of Winstrol or 7 capsules of N2 guard to eliminate side effects.

For injection form of Primo, you can take 600mg per week with 250mg of testosterone per week along with 12.5 mg of Aromasinor 7 capsules of N2 guard per day.