Meat Haters Go Green in Hong Kong to Taste all Vegan Dishes


The territory Hong Kong is in Southern China and is the main port for trading and financial sector. Hong Kong currency is the thirteenth most traded currency. It has the highest skyscrapers on earth because of which it proudly stands among other countries. Tourists from different countries visit Hong Kong to witness those huge skyscrapers and the latest technology that the city has advanced in.

The flavor in this town is according to Cantonese cuisine. Rice is their staple food which is served with other dishes. If you visit any wet market you will find seafood and poultry being sold live so that they stay fresh during preparation. However, not everyone prefers sea food and it becomes difficult for them to survive in a territory like Hong Kong. However, the best way to get vegan dishes here is to ask your guide to helps you with food tour Hong Kong and take you to one vegan restaurants. To your surprise you will find endless of them.

Here is the list of some vegan dishes –

  • Try all good restaurants that provide you organic and gluten free food. They have good chefs that prepare on vegan dishes.
  • You can also try dim sum as it is eaten from breakfast till lunch. You can’t miss any of it because they aren’t only available with meat but are also prepared in vegetables.
  • For light snack, you can reach any café that provides vegan sandwiches, tacos, and beverage.
  • When you’re extremely busy exploring the city and you need something quick to bite on, and then take a vegan sandwich which is organic and helps to satisfy your appetite.

If you reach out various outlets, you would know how vegetables and organic foods are chosen by many. These vegan dishes are more in demand by tourists instead of meat and seafood.