Massive gains from Anapolon impress people tremendously


Anapolon or Oxymetholone is identified as a very potent oral steroid and numerous bodybuilders from all around the world consider it as an ultimate mass building compound. It is an artificial compound that has been developed to imitate the impacts of testosterone in your body. This powerful steroid was manufactured by Zoltan during the 1960s. To extract its maximum benefits, this medication should be taken responsibly and in recommended dosages. This drug acts as a kick-starter to bulking cycles and it is generally utilized for a time period of 3-4 weeks. This oral compound is derived from testosterone and nowadays it is obtainable only in Mexico and that too for institutional use.

This medication is commonly taken for treating anemia caused due to a fall in the production of red blood cells. Users take this medication for a brief period of time and it isn’t intended for women. It is a prescription-only drug and it is habitually taken with testosterone to increase muscle mass. Taking this compound, athletes experience a weight gain of nearly 10-15 lbs and sometimes more than this in a span of a couple of weeks. In the US, the use of this medication has gradually decreased because this medication can also behave like a carcinogen. But in numerous nations, it is available at the underground laboratories and the black market.

Proper dosages for cycling this medication

If you take this medication alone then your dosage levels should be between 25-150mg per day which can be taken till 8 weeks. However, it is best not to surpass this period of time as it can cause you liver problems. There are various dosage recommendations that are available when you take this medication alone or with other compounds for the purpose of cutting, bulking or PCT. Everyone reacts in a unique way to different drugs and the dosage suggestions that are mentioned on various websites may not suit you in every positive way.

Benefits of this compound

This medication is hugely beneficial to the weightlifters. To get huge and massive muscle mass, you are required to have a proper workout regimen. This medication supplies immense growth in strength and endurance for a better workout. Competitive bodybuilders are all in praise of this medication for its huge gains compared to other anabolic steroids available on the market. The pills are highly recommended to begin with any anabolic steroid and the capsules do comprise of a lengthy half-life that works fast to augment your athletic and physical capacity.

Precaution is a must

Just like other anabolic steroids or supplement, your body will either react positively or negatively to this medication and this depends on various factors, like your general health, tolerance level and most importantly your genetic build-up. Always be aware that this medication supplies huge and unbelievable results and are often taken with testosterone to increase muscle mass. As this drug is excessively powerful, you are required to be cautious all the time. A long-term use of it can cause damage to your spleen. Again, it can also upsurge the levels of your blood lipid too; so a blood test is of utmost importance before you take this medication.