Intercap Lending and VA Loans Open Doors for Home Buyers and Would-Be Borrowers

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Veterans who leave the service do not always realize there are special programs available to them. The programs often save veterans a lot of money in many ways. The Veteran’s Administration’s health care services would be one example. Another would be the availability of VA loans.

VA loans are incredibly helpful to persons who would like to own a home but are not able to for a variety of reasons. The reasons have nothing to do with being a credit risk. The costs of a mortgage, income levels of the applicant, and other common factors make taking out a traditional mortgage difficult. A VA loan could remove those impediments and make acquiring a mortgage easier and less costly.Image result for Intercap Lending and VA Loans Open Doors for Home Buyers and Would-Be Borrowers

How Does A VA Loan Work?

One thing that needs to be understood about VA loans is the applicant does not apply directly to the Department of Veteran Affairs. VA loans are supported by the department and issued through a company that is approved to handle these types of loans.

Actually, the Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees a portion of the loans and not the full loan. This way, the lending entity screens its applicants thoroughly. Would-be borrowers do not really need to concern themselves with the government and lender’s administration agreements. Borrowers should just concern themselves with looking towards a service such as Intercap Lending, an enterprise that specializes in these types of loans.

The No Money Down Benefit

A borrower may be able to make monthly payments on a loan, but making a down payment might be exceedingly difficult. VA loans do not come with a requirement to make a down payment. Granted, putting forth a down payment eventually makes the loan less costly in the long term. For those who cannot make a down payment, this is a moot point. Access to a mortgage without a down payment is the desired and, in some cases, the only available option.

Lower APR Rates

Another tremendous benefit to a VA loan is the interest rates are generally lower that would be found with a traditional mortgage. Cost is usually the one thing that keeps many who are qualified for a mortgage from taking one out. Not willing to risk financial strains and, worse, foreclosure, they do not accept mortgage deals with high-interest rates. The availability of VA loans changes all this for the better.

Staying on top of news in the world of VA loans is also advised for those wishing to purchase a home. is one good place to check up news and updates.