Importance of steroidal products


You will find different forms of prescription strength steroids, such as pills or tablets to topical creams, injections and trans-dermal skin patches.Do you think that oral steroidal tablets give similar results as given by intravenous injections?

Whether you are considering a line of steroidal products, you think about its legal regulations in your country as well as its effects on your body.You will have to enquire whether they are recommended by an authorized doctor for treating different severe forms of medical conditions or you are just considering using these hormonal regulatory products for bodybuilding.

How effective are these anabolic steroids?

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Anabolic pillsare found differentbrand or trade names as well as marketed in their generic forms. In the United States of America, some of the popular brand names of steroidal supplements include:

  • Anadrol-50
  • Winstrol
  • Oxandrin

Steroidal medications are often recommended as a part of treatingcertain kinds of breast cancers in female consumers or even to promote the act of gaining body weight for people, dealing with serious long-term biological disorders or infections.

What are the side effects on the liver?

Consuming steroidal capsules can contribute to theformation of cysts or tumors in the liver cells or cause other damaging effects to the liver, especially when taken at very high dosage concentration andover a long time.

Among the common signs of potential hepatic damage is the improper functioning of the liver, causingjaundice or yellowing of the skin.

Some of the long-term effects may cause

  • Dark colour of urine
  • Appearance of purple colored spots or dark red on the body
  • Spots found even in the mucous membranes like in the nose and the mouth.

Other common and negative impacts that have been related to steroidal medication usage include:

  • Enlarged penis, accompanied by increased erections at times
  • Gynecomastia in males
  • Tendency to urinate more in men
  • Deeper and hoarse voice in females
  • Development of acne (sometimes severe)
  • Abnormal hair growth

What are the different types of steroids?

Chemically steroids can be classified under twomajor types: anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. Corticosteroid capsules are often recommended to treat several autoimmune diseases or inflammatory conditions like

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Allergies

Of course you can take steroidal medications for other recreational purposes (like body building and weight loss) as well apart from medical applications, but the majority of them are marketed as prescription-only drugs in different local pharmacies and nutritional stores.

One of the most widely used and commonly prescribed anabolic pills is prednisolone. A lot of the products come with safety warnings and it is essential to abide by them in order to keep away from undesired effects. Some of the common negative results from steroidal products include:

  • increased appetite
  • indigestion
  • puffy and round face
  • skin becomes thin
  • gain in body weight
  • may lead to osteoporosis (degrading quality of bone density)