How to prevent neck pain and its treatment


Neck is referred to as a cervical spine that contains twenty-four bones known as vertebrae. Of course, these twenty-four vertebrae and seven make up of cervical spine. The spinal cord is extended from brain to lumbar area. Neck pain starts with the base of skull and extended up to top of the shoulder. Neck pains have some common causes like muscle strain, bony abnormalities, tumors, injury and incorrect posture. It occurs in single spot or runs on both or one arms. Most cases of neck pain are not serious, but it is uncomfortable. There are few symptoms that indicate more serious problem. Shooting pain down for both or one arm and numbness in your hands may sign of serious problem. Other serious problems like manifest themselves for forming headache and decreasing head movement. Also troubling is balanced loss and bowel movement or uncontrolled bladder. These symptoms are indicated as a serious condition. So you have to treat the best physical therapy for neck pain at NYDNREHAB.

Prevention of neck pain:

People are developing neck pain via a bad habit. Additionally, vertebrae undergo some changes from tear and wear as your age. There are few things you can do something to prevent neck pain. Most of the neck pain is caused by the muscle strain and avoids carrying on heavy bag from one side of your body. Avoid toss a heavy back pack or pursuing over one shoulder. It puts some strain on your neck that can be overtime cause pain. Additionally, using a good posture helps to prevent neck pain from developing.

To keep your head is directly over the shoulders specifically when you are working on the computer. Then if necessary you can sit the chair at work to the straight level that doesn’t cause neck pain. When you are working for bit, then you can take some amount of time to stretch out of your neck. This helps to keep your muscle loose and prevent the neck pain. Tilt your head from one side and hold it 15 seconds and then released your head. Again you have to tilt your head on the other side and do this exercise at least ten times. This is a key for gently stretch and never to be pointed as your neck pain.

Treatment of neck pain:

Your doctor is described as a neck pain and anti inflammatory medication to relieve pain. Injecting steroid into a small joint of spine helps to reduce the neck pain in few people.  If the neck pain is not only managed by these methods, but your doctor gives prescribe as an alternative treatment.  The physical therapy for neck pain at NYDNREHAB is an effective way and helps to reduce their pain.

Therapists are more skilled persons by using some modalities including:

  • Hot packs
  • Cold packs
  • Ultrasound

Above mentioned modalities are used to treat their neck pain like TENS units, which is known as transcutaneous electrical stimulation. This treatment is used to relieve a neck pain by the transmission of an electrical impulse via electrodes that are placed on your skin.