Hair Nightmares and How to Deal with Them


Are you still continuing with the advices of hair salon experts? So, when you’ve found a good salon and asked for a suitable hairstyle for yourself, but it didn’t turn out as expected?

What are you going to do?

Firstly, breath- it is just your hair and it will grow back in sometime

Next- do not go out of the salon without giving your verdict on the hair cut

Well, obviously, you’re going to be in shock, but you just nod your hair, pay for the service and leave. It is only when you’re out of the parlor, that your inner voice says “shouldn’t you have said something to them”?

Situation 1- They gave you what you demanded, but you don’t like it

A big change could take some time to adjust. If you have opted for a color change, then you need to change your closet and makeup too. Make sure you discuss with your stylist about the change you have thought of. And, if you’ve already experienced the dramatic color change, then try different makeup colors which suit your hair. Play with your closet and opt for different combos.

Discuss with a stylist about what could be done now! They will surely provide you with styling tips that will gel in with your new hair look.

Situation 2- You consulted them before, but they weren’t focusing

You said 1cm and they chopped 4 inches.

Maybe your hair dresser saw a lot of split ends or she got way too far ignoring your statements. Well, you can ask for an explanation. If it was the requirement of your hair, then possibly your dresser did a favor to you. And, if you’re still not satisfied with her work, then possibly you can look out for a new salon.

  • You said layers, but it doesn’t look like layers
  • You demanded blonde highlights, but they provided tiger stripes
  • You wanted soft color, but the new shade is way too strong.

Well, bad haircuts and extraordinary coloring happens, and almost everyone has been through it. if your hair has been trimmed a little too more, do not worry! Relax as it will grow back. If you color is way too bright, your colorist will adjust it. Remember colors fade away with time. Being positive, will help you adopt some new styling abilities to handle this mal-work.

You can avoid a lot of bad haircuts. If you still have some option, then get it trimmed a little more to get the perfect cut for yourself. Make sure this time you have a proper communication with your hair stylist and enquire about the cut that they are going to do. Be confident about the new look and remember that it will suit you.

Do not hesitate in telling your hair stylist that you aren’t happy with the look. You can also try another hair dresser who can correct your look and make it better. Your nightmare will be over if you know the right way to deal with it.

Situation 3- You wanted a natural hair treatment, but they fail to provide you

Hair treatment nightmare is the worst of all. And, in case your stylist has failed to provide you with hair treatment measures, then you can contact natural Irvine lice treatment and get your hair treated again