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Introduction to Anavar:

An anabolic steroid with a few side effects is popularly known as Anavar. This steroid is helpful in cutting fats and providing the individuals with a lean look. The chemical name of the Anavar is the Oxandrolone. The athletes, men, women and bodybuilders take this steroid, so as to get desired results. The adequate intake of the Anavar enables an individual to get rid of its unexpected effects. Anavar is most common among male athletes and is taken by them during the cutting phase cycle.

Anavar is an ultimate drug for the females, as its negative effects are temporary and mildest in nature. The Anavar has a few androgenic properties, as a result of which it does not gives any side effects. The individuals are recommended to follow the cycle of Anavar. The dosage of this steroid varies from one individual to the other. The individuals are suggested to take Anavar for 6 weeks and then give a break of 1.5 weeks or 2 weeks and then again get a restart. The individuals can get information about the Anavar dosage from the given website, i.e.

The Anavar can be stacked with testosterone, Winstrol, Dianabol, trenbolone, etc. so as to get better results. The individuals must follow the suggestions or the dosage prescribed by the doctor or the physician. It has been seen that the ability of men to tolerate higher dosage is much more than that of women. There are some side effects of Anavar that has its impact on men only.

Why Anavar is best suited to men?

Anavar is best suited to man, as it has anabolic properties and is mild in nature. This steroid does not affect the production of testosterone in the body. Another reason for this suitability is that it is very less toxic to the liver, as compared to other steroids. This steroid has the ability to cut fat stored in the abdomen at a faster pace. This steroid is helpful in muscular development without any water retention. This provides aid in regulation of the release of other hormones produced in the body. These hormones include growth hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and insulin growth factor hormone.

The Anavar if stacked with Dianabol can give better results. This stacked steroid can be taken by the individuals of advance level as well as by the beginners. The dosage of this stack varies and as recommended by a physician an effective dosage for both the categories is listed below:

For beginner’s cycle: 10 mg of 100 tablets of Anavar

  5 mg of 200 tablets of Dianabol

50mg of 24 tablets of clomid

The advanced level cycle: 10 mg of 150 tablets of Anavar

5 mg of 300 tablets of Dianabol

50 mg of 36 tablets of clomid.

The side effects on intake of this stack are very mild, if taken in recommended dosage. Some of its side effects include liver toxicity, high blood pressure, etc. The individuals can get more detailed information on the effective Anavar cycles from