Five Double U Casino Slots Games with Wacky Themes


If there was ever a social casino game for hipsters, the Double U social casino app would undoubtedly be it. The selection of games is simply stunning, boasting a wide range of rare titles that are sure to surprise even the most seasoned, know-it-all pokie player. If you’re a pokie player who’s keen on the social casino experience and looking to venture off the beaten track with your game selections…

Here are five wacky Double U slot games that’ll go perfectly with your reckless facial hair and super skinny jeans. #dontforgetthefilter

  1. Witch Scroll

It’s no exaggeration to say that this pokie played the biggest role in Double U’s early success, helping to lead it to the very top of the App Store charts. New Age and Wiccan fanatics will really enjoy this mystical witch theme. Symbols range from ancient runes and magic potions to all manner of magical paraphernalia like wands, cauldrons and poisonous herbs. Soak in the weird and the wonderful with Witch Scroll, exclusively on the Double U social casino app.

  1. Piggy Jackpot

Whoever thought of this theme has a PHD in irony. A piggy bank theme for a game so difficult it’s designed to send a bulldozer through your savings? Brilliant! Complexity of the game aside, this is one of the best-looking games on Double U Casino. The various piggy bank symbols range from the gratingly annoying to the really adorable, and the gorgeous 3D backgrounds lend a touch of class to the proceedings.

  1. Amazon Butterflies

Pokie players who love tropical themes will take to this game like a fly to honey. Graphics include gorgeously rendered rainforest backgrounds and a wide variety of Amazonian flora and fauna, including the fearsome black panther. The most eye-catching image, however, is undoubtedly the Amazonian woman who features on all of the game’s promotional materials. Acting as the scatter symbol, she bears a striking resemblance to Wonder Woman!


  1. Cheese in the Trap

It’s odd to see a pokie with a theme so close to home, but that’s what makes this popular Double U slot game so strangely compelling! The symbols revolve around mice, cheese and mousetraps, and landing a Cheese wild symbol gets you to a bonus sequence with up to 20x bet multiplier. And the mousetrap? Land two, and you’ll stand a chance at a huge jackpot!

  1. World Tour

Jetsetters will love this travel-themed Double U pokie game, which features some of the world’s most recognising landmarks. While you’re trying to land three or more pyramids for one of the most generous free spin giveaways in the social casino app industry, admire sights ranging from the Taj Mahal to the Christ Redeemer statue, and start planning your next vacation.

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