This Exness review will reveal why Exness is reliable to trade with


I’ve partnered up with many biggest brokers for many years, especially with Exness forex brokers and the best forex brokers, so my partners and some new traders often posed me several questions related to forex such as: “Is Exness a good broker?”, “Are Exness forex brokers reliable?”, “Is Exness a scammer?” “Is Exness in the top 10 forex brokers” “What are best ECN brokers” and so on. To have an understanding of Exness brokers, this article will show you some certain information.

As you know, all brokers have their own strength and weakness. You just evaluate them in terms of its conditions which are the most suitable for your trading strategies. For example, the best ECN brokers also have own good and bad sides. From my experience, I highly appreciate Exness forex broker that is reliable. Many traders are attracted by Exness because a lot of the best trading conditions are fully supplied. It’s hard for you to find out the biggest brokers like Exness anywhere. I will show you some detailed reasons to clarify my statements.

I am impressed by Exness withdrawal performance. It works very instantly and well. This is the most important feature that makes Exness more outstanding than any other biggest brokers. It just takes you less than 1 second to withdraw your fund or to transfer money. The withdrawal system runs faster on machine platform, and it’s totally automatic without manual operation. In comparison to other brokers, Exness’ withdrawal speed is the fastest. You can experience with Exness and other brokers by yourself to see the differences. This is a big plus in choosing Exness.


Basically, Exness provides 4 types of accounts. They consist of Cent, Mini, Classic, and ECN. Each type has own features. You can choose one of them to trade with. The remarkable thing is that you choose that account which is suitable for your trading strategies. As a beginner, the Mini and Cent accounts are mostly suitable because they require only 1 USD minimum deposit, so you can try and test your trading plans.


Customer service is the backbone of any brokers. For Exness, it’s very professional and instant. It deserves one of the top 10 forex brokers. Unlike other brokers, who only support in English, clients of Exness are provided with care 24/7 in many local languages such as: Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Persian. In each country, there is a team of customer service which is ready to have an instant help. If you’re not good at English, don’t worry. Exness is a great choice to begin their trading career with flexible languages. Moreover, Exness is audited by Deloitte, one of the top accounting companies in the world, so you can believe that all the information they put on their website is absolutely reliable.


Exness has very low spread, maybe the lowest in the forex market. If you trade currency pairs with fixed spread, Exness offers you the lowest spread that you can’t find anywhere. Please keep in mind that Exness spread is the lowest for the 6 most trading currency pairs. For others, it may be higher.


Traders will be provided with highest leverage possible sometimes up to unlimited. It’s wrong for inexperienced traders to think that higher leverage will be riskier. For experienced ones, they prefer higher leverage because it’s a lot safer. Two traders open the same order size and deposit the same amount of money. The trader with the higher leverage is safer. Unlimited leverage means you don’t have to pay anything for margins. Therefore, you can keep your orders open for nothing.

In summary, Exness reviews show that it is a very reliable broker which is in top 10 forex brokers. Exness will be a good partner on your path to success.