Employees are the most intangible asset of any business


The human asset or the workforce of any organization is the most intangible asset of that organization. In today’s ever-changing business world, it’s the quality of the employees of the organization and not the fixed assets like buildings, machines or the number of factories that sets it apart from its competitors. The knowledge possessed by the human resources or humans assets is the most powerful factor in the growth and success of any organization. Hr staffing agencies of all organizations and all businessman attest that the skills of the employees account for 85% of a company’s assets.

If the employees are efficient and talented, the business or the organization is looking at the steep growth rate and vice versa. In the 20th century the most valuable asset was its production equipment however in the 21st century the most valuable asset is the workforce of the organization. Just by looking at the kind of employees that work in the company, one can predict the future growth and success of that company. Although all the employees of the company may not directly interact with the customers or clients of the company, yet in some indirect way they make a huge impact on the company’s performance.

So having a team of skilled and deep knowledge employees is very vital for any organization. So it is very important for the organization to spend a lot of time and resources in hiring the right individuals. But if one thinks that once they hire all the employees they need, they can be relaxed for a long time it is not correct. In any business, there is always a need for more employees due to certain circumstances. There are times when the employees may get sick or get hurt in an accident. The employees might use their outstanding holidays together and go out for a long vacation.

The employee might need a maternity or disability leave or they may suddenly decide to leave the organization. If one does not get new employees in place of them they risk overburdening the current employees which might lead to a lot of harm inside the company because often times than not huge burden and work stress lead to anger and frustration and it may make the working environment very inhospitable. One can fix this problem by hiring HR staffing agencies to provide them with temporary employees. Although temporary employment is not an old concept, it still is a very good option for any organization.

Not only it helps to remove the burden on the permanent employees but it helps businesses to take up new projects or to carry out the old ones as smoothly as it could be without the presence of the permanent employee. One can these days hire any type of worker like accountant, assembly line worker, engineer, nurse etc to work temporarily for them till the time the original employee returns back or they find the perfect match for their organization. Hence temporary employment helps businesses to handle workload fluctuations very wisely and smoothly.