Dog Hair – How Can I Get Rid Of It?


If you’re a dog owner, then the chances are that you’ll be familiar with the problem of hair. Stray hairs find their way everywhere in the home, providing a source of immense irritation. It doesn’t just look untidy – it can also spark nasty allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to stray hairs.

So how can this particular problem be addressed? Let’s consider some of the more effective methods.

Where does pet hair settle?

Pet hair will find its way into just about anywhere your dog frequents. But there are some sorts of surface which tend to attract more hair than others. This is so for two reasons. Some surfaces, like carpets and chairs, will provide an abrasive action as your dog rubs against them, acting like a giant brush against your dog’s fur, and pulling hairs loose. Many of these same surfaces are also much more difficult to clean, because the dog hair will get trapped inside them.

Consider the fibres of a carpet, for example. The same quantity of hair is much more difficult to remove from a carpet than it is from a hardwood floor, because each strand of hair will become trapped between the fibres. The thicker the carpet, the longer these fibres will be – and thus the larger the quantity of hair that can get trapped.

If you’re taking your dog out on the road, then you’ll find the same problem in the interior of your car; pet hairs will settle onto any available carpeted surface, and they may prove difficult to remove unless you fork out for a dedicated professional valet service.

Image result for Dog Hair – How Can I Get Rid Of It?What can I do to guard against pet hair?

Fortunately, there exist many weapons in the battle against stray hair. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Hardwood floors

As we’ve mentioned, hardwood or tiled floors are far better than carpets at repelling pet hairs. You’ll still need to vacuum-clean regularly in order to stay on top of the problem, but this task should be much easier when the hairs are sitting just atop the surface, rather than being buried beneath it.


The foods that your dog eats will have a profound effect on the quality of its coat, and on the extent to which that coat is shed. A premium brand of dog food will contain the right cocktail of vitamins and minerals, which may be lacking in inferior shop-bought brands. You might also wish to supplement your dog’s diet with extra vitamins.


If your dog is especially prone to shedding, and you’re allergic to dog hair, then you’ll obviously want to keep your dog well away from your bed. But even if you aren’t, it’s best to be cautious. As for the dog’s bedding, it’s important to regularly wash them, and to use an old, washable blanket in spaces that they like to frequent.

Air conditioning

A good air conditioning will literally suck the stray pet hairs from the air before they’ve a chance to settle. The filters will need to be regularly replaced – and you’ll be amazed at how much stray hair ends up clogging them!


In order to prevent hair ending up elsewhere, frequent brushing sessions are a must. This is especially so if you’ve got a particularly hairy dog. You can get glove-like brushes which help to make the occasion a bit more comfortable – you’ll need only stroke your dog to remove those pesky hairs.

Boot liner

If you’re taking your pet on a long walk through the country (as you should frequently do) then you might find that they deposit hairs all over the interior of your boot. Car boot liners provide a fantastic means of guarding against this. Whether you’re looking for an Audi, Ford, Land Rover or Mercedes boot liner, you’ll find it online from specialist retailers.

Hair rollers

Hair rollers are a great way to remove stray hairs from clothing and upholstery – just roll it over the surface in question and you’ll remove all but the most stubborn hairs. They’re the perfect solution if you’re just about to head for a night out and discover that your outfit is covered in dog hairs.

Hired help

If you’re the owner of an especially fluffy and high-maintenance dog, then bringing in a specialist groomer to give them a once-over every so often might prove sensible. Alternatively, you might take the time to learn how to groom the dog yourself, and thus save yourself money in the long-term.