How to customize your ID card holders


If you look at any business organization, office, colleges, schools, mega-events, concerts etcetera, one thing that is common among all of them is the use of an identification card, more popularly called the ID card. It is a source of identification of a member belonging to a group and separates people from the common masses.

Why are ID cards important?

It is also extremely convenient in a workspace like offices which employ a large number of people, and the ID card acts as a mean of segregation, either only on the basis of being an employee or not and sometimes even stratification of various employees based on designation and department they are responsible for. Now, having only a valid ID card is mandatory but having a proper displaying system for that ID card also carries no less importance.

In fact, all the accessories associated with the ID card adds to the value of it along with making the card look more amiable and giving it the stand-out quality. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of an ID card holder and how it can be customized to make the card visibly noticeable and also reflect the personality of the company effectively.

Customizable ID card holders- how it is done

Let’s talk about ID card holders in general first. They are an entity in which the ID card can be enclosed for either viewing or for other purposes like marking attendance or swiping for opening doors or even for security reasons. Therefore, the ID card holder must be made of a convenient material of the correct size and shape. Generally, the card displays information about the employees in a textual format, their photographs and the name of the organization that they are associated with.

Now, all of these details are of utmost importance. Thus their adequate and easy viewing through the cardholder takes a front seat. It is generally made of hardened plastic or vinyl which has a transparent quality so that it is comfortably see-through. Some companies might want to break the norm and go for a slightly colored tint instead of the plain ones, or they may color code the cardholder based on the designation or the category of the employee. This is where customization comes in. Therefore, if you are looking to customize your ID card holder, you could either go to a specialized shop that works on this or you could check out multiple online portals that do the same and delivers the material in no time.

Steps to customize your ID card

Companies like IDcardgroup, IDenticard are some of the names, but the one that is at the top of the market is id card holder UK which gives you a large variety of options to choose from and makes the customization much easier. To run you through the steps in customizing your ID card holder.

Choose the appropriate size- though there is a standard size set for most ID cards, you can choose to be a little innovative by going for a different size, keeping in mind its utility and comfort of the person using it. It should not be too big that it looks awkward with the card nor should it be too small to hide the details. Technically speaking, the size of the holder should be synonymous with that of the card so that there is no loose space, so the designing should be done simultaneously.

Choose the shape of the cardholder- the scope of being innovative here is a tad more, though most people opt for the conventional rectangular one. Any other shape like square, round, oval can also be tried as long as the balance is maintained.

Decide the kind of accessory you want to use with the cardholder- you have a variety of options here, like a clip, pin, slots etcetera and the punch hole has to be designed according to your choice.

Decide on a logo or text- sometimes you can put the logo of a company on the ID card holder instead of or along with your ID card for better visibility.

Submit your artwork to the website- you can even use their designing services for help.

Get your holders printed in a week- once the payment is done and the receipt is made, the customized card holders will reach your place in no time.

Customization always adds a personal touch to anything, and it holds true for the ID card holder as well. Therefore, go ahead and make a card holder that will make it stand out from the rest of the pack.