A Complete Guide to Testosterone Steroids


If you’re diagnosed with “Hypogonadism” and wondering whether to take testosterone tablets or not, then read this article, as it contains everything of your interest. Before starting on testosterone tablets, let’s talk a little about “Hypogonadism”.

Hypogonadism is a deficiency of testosterone hormone in men, whose absence could have serious consequences on the body. Testosterone tablets are used to treat such deficiencies.

Testosterone supplements are a combination of different steroids used for a variety of purposes in medical field. There are a lot of myths circulating around when it comes to steroid supplements. If you too think the same, then you’re misguided.

What exactly is Testosterone: A hormone or steroid? Why it’s needed?

It’s both. Testosterone is synthetic hormone i.e. steroid hormone. Steroids which are produced naturally in the body are essential for the development of the body. However, there are cases where the testosterone levels are not enough, which is why you need synthetic testosterone.

Natural testosterone is a type of androgen produced in the testicles of humans and some mammals. The testosterone reflects the male sexual characteristics like

  • Growth of both, facial and body hair.
  • Deep voice.
  • Sex drive.
  • Bone and muscle growth.
  • Sperm count.

There are several reasons responsible for the Low levels of this hormone.

  • The testosterone level reduces with age.
  • There might be some deficiency in the pituitary gland due to which the production of testosterone falls below the normal range (300ng/dl to 1000ng/dl) or is totally zero.

How are synthetic testosterones helpful?

The structural and the chemical formula of the synthetic testosterone is identical to that of the natural testosterone, which is produced in the body. Besides that, it also includes ester.

Ester, when used with any drug supplement, helps in controlling and regulating the flow of that drug in the bloodstream.

In what forms synthetic testosterone are available?

Synthetic testosterone products are available in several forms:

  • Topical products include gels, lotions, and creams.
  • Injectable drugs include test cypionate and test enanthate.

Is it legal?

They’re prescribed by doctors and hence are legal.

Are they harmful?

It’s harmful if you take extremely high or over dosage. We all know that any medicine can be harmful if the dosage taken is more than recommended. Therefore, it’s advisable to take the recommended dosage for safety purpose and effective results too.

Apart from just maintaining the balance of the hormones, they will also enhance your stamina, performance and strength. Try once and see the result yourself.