How to Choose the Right Overseas Container

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There are over a thousand containers that are available online and in shops near you. For more details about these containers, check this information. In order to choose the right one, you should know the things that you need before buying. You also need to find out the qualities of the container that can provide you the storage, shipping or anything that you might need in the future.

If you decide to ship your car, furniture, antiques, or your appliances, you need a container that is 40 ft high. The high-cube that measures 40 ft can be the right option for you if you want to get more overhead space. There is a difference between the standard 40 ft and the 40 ft HC so you might want to check them out first before purchasing them.

You might want to let the company or the seller know the intended use for the container so that they can provide suggestions for you. Containers are commonly used to transport feeds, beverages, materials, harvests, and even vehicles. There are specific dimensions that you need to know about in order to get the right container for whatever product you are shipping.

Containers as Ideal Homes

There are containers that you can use as a home. This might be uncommon but many people use the containers because they are convenient. If you decide to make a customized office or a residential place out of a container, make sure to inspect it first before buying it. You might want to check for rusts and the age of the container. If the container have weather damage, you might have excess costs. You might be faced with a lot of renovations if you were not able to properly inspect the containers at the first opportunity that you get.

Different Containers for a Wide Range of Projects

The container that you will choose can serve as a nightmare or a blessing depending on how knowledgeable you were when you bought it. Some of the factors such as the shipping lines, condition, age, and leasing companies can affect the longevity of the container. You can know more information about it here: They are also considered when it comes to the prices as well as the market value of these shipping boxes.

New Shipping Boxes

The shipping containers are usually manufactured in China. They are then transported to different countries while they are new. USA and Canada are one of the most popular countries where the containers are getting shipped. The boxes that made their first trip to another country is still considered new. Most buyers want them because they offer several features including waist-high doors and forklift pockets.

If you opt to get new shipping boxes, you might find them as ideal containers for homes or offices. This is because most of them are free from dings, dents, and rusts. They were not exposed to a lot of harsh weather conditions overseas. Most of them have neutral colors as well so there’s no need for you to do a painting job. There are no discolorations and they can blend well in the environment. However, it is important to take note that most of them are about 10% to 20% more expensive compared to the used containers. But if you want longevity and quality, then the new ones are the best options for you.

Used Shipping Boxes

These containers can vary in heights, lengths, and sizes. You might opt for a used one that made several trips overseas already. They can last from 10 to 15 years depending on their previous use. For shipping companies, you might rarely find one that can offer you a container that is younger than 10 years at a very reasonable price. If they do offer this to you, you might want to find out the reasons. Either they are too damage to ship goods, or the company is closing down and they won’t need these boxes anymore.

Unlike the neutral colors of new containers, most of the used ones can come in red, blue, and green colors. They have brands of companies who owned them and most of them underwent two to three paint jobs and repairs in the space of the 10 years.

When you want to move the used containers around, note that they do not come with forklifts. Therefore, you might need to hire someone to move them around or it can take some skill to transport them. The door handles of a typically used container are lower compared to the new ones. This is because these containers have spent their lives on a chassis where they should be accessible to mariners or transport groups all over the world. Last but not least, you might find yourself getting a new lock for these containers as they do not come with factory equipped security locks.

When Purchasing the “As Is, Where Is” Containers

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It is important to inspect a container first before buying it. When it comes to second-hand boxes, the “as is, where is” rule applies. To know more about this rule, click this site here: “As is, where is basis”. This means that the previous owner might not want to do some fixes or renovations to the shipping box and you might have to do it yourself after purchase. Make sure to inspect the general condition of the container very carefully. A small issue can go into a full-blown problem if you were not able to find it initially.

When it comes to container purchase, it is better to ask an expert on what kinds of containers are ideal for your project. There are a lot of websites and previous shipping box owners that can provide you in-depth information on what to choose. You can also read forums, articles, and blogs in order to see other successful projects that can inspire you. Find the right website today and get the information that you should know about these boxes.